Does Michaels take Apple Pay in Store & Online (2024)?

Apple Pay has become a widely used NFC payment method in the United States, as most Americans are iPhone users. In 2024, 45.5 million people will be active Apple Pay users. Therefore, its popularity has increased, encouraging more people to join Apple Pay. Similarly, many retail departmental stores have started introducing Apple Pay as one of their essential payment methods. One such store is Michaels. It is an American and Canadian retail store with collectively 1252 stores.

The store is exceptionally famous in America and Canada. So, let’s understand whether Michaels has started accepting Apple Pay in their stores. 

Does Michaels accept Apple Pay in-store?

Michaels take Apple Pay in store

Michaels has a vast chain of retail stores that provides arts, crafts, home decor, and floral and framing merchandise. Therefore, thousands of customers visit the store to buy arts and crafts stuff for their homes.

Your excitement to purchase these lovely merchandise and decor items will increase after knowing that Michaels accepts Apple Pay.

Yes, you read that right. Now, you can pay for your iPhone or Apple Smartwatch in the Michaels store for all your beautiful items. It is instant, secure, and convenient.

However, not all Michaels stores accept Apple Pay or any other online payment method. Some stores located in small towns may rely on traditional payment methods such as Debit or Credit cards. Therefore, verify with the store associate if you are visiting Michaels with no other payment backup but only Apple Pay. Ask them whether they will take Apple Pay or not. You can proceed with your shopping if the response is positive. Otherwise, pay according to your convenient method. 

Does Michaels accept Apple Pay online?

Shopping from Michaels store online is a perk because of exhilarating discounts and coupons. So, buy home decor items, framing, arts and craft, floral items, and DIY merchandise at the convenience of your home from Michaels online website. 

Unfortunately, Michaels doesn’t take Apple Pay online. So, when you shop at the Michaels online store, you won’t see Apple Pay as the payment method.

Additionally, the payment methods at the online Michaels store are minimal. They do not accept any other ways except for credit and debit cards. 

Although the Apple Pay option is currently unavailable, Michaels allows customers to apply PayPal as a payment method. It is another excellent alternative to Apple Pay because PayPal is a widely used online platform too. Well, because of the ever-flourishing growth of Apple Pay, we can expect Michaels to add it as the payment option.

Note: You can also apply for gift cards online from the Michaels store. 

Let’s understand how you can use Apple Pay at the Michaels store.

How to use Apple Pay at Michaels?

Apple Pay is an effortless and secure payment method that allows users to pay with strongly encrypted authentication quickly. Also, as Apple Pay is accepted in Michaels store, you can take your iPhone or Apple smartwatch to make payment for your favorite items.

So, read further if you want to know how to use Apple Pay to pay for your items at Michaels store.

Step-by-step instructions on how you can use Apple Pay at Michaels:

  • First, set up your Apple Pay and add your credit or debit card.
  • Second, double-tap on the button on the right side of your iPhone while making payments. 
  • Once you double-click, all the cards you have added with Apple Pay will appear. Select the card with which you want to pay.
  • Third, enter your password or show your Face Id for authentication.
  • Finally, place your iPhone an inch higher from the card reader machine that the Michaels store associate will provide you. 

Your transaction will be successful in less than a second when a happy check mark sign flashes on your screen.

Let’s examine if Michaels arts and crafts take Apple Pay.

Does Michaels arts and crafts take Apple Pay?

Most Michaels arts and crafts stores take Apple Pay as the payment method today. However, as mentioned earlier, some stores on the city’s outskirts might not accept online payments like Apple Pay. So, you can always communicate with the store’s staff regarding this matter. 

Else, you can check on the Apple Map. iPhone has an excellent and helpful feature for iOS users known as Apple Maps. It lets users know where Apple Pay is accepted as the payment method. 

Below are the steps to use Apple Maps to know in which Michaels store Apple Pay will be accepted:

  • Open the Apple Maps app.
  • Select the precise location where Michaels store is situated.
  • Go to ‘Useful to Know’ and find the Apple Pay symbol. The symbol will appear as a checkmark letting you know that this Michaels store accepts Apple Pay. 

Follow these steps to know if your vicinity’s Michaels store accepts Apple Pay. Now, let’s look at all the payment methods of Michaels. 

Michaels payment methods

Here is how you can pay for home decor items at Michaels store.

In-store payment options:

  • American Express card
  • Discover card
  • Visa card
  • MasterCard
  • Cash payment 

Online payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Gift card

So, using all these methods will allow you to shop at Michaels.


So stock up the essential home decor and crafting items from the Michaels store using the safest payment method, i.e., Apple Pay. It encrypts all your transactions and re-encrypts them again to generate a unique account number. Therefore, nobody at the Michaels store can access your card information. 

You can always use Apple Maps to find which Michaels store accepts Apple Pay with the steps mentioned earlier.


Does Michaels accept contactless pay?

Michaels does accept contactless pay in the form of Apple Pay and PayPal, popularly used apps.

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Michaels?

Apple Pay is a highly encrypted NFC payment method that never reveals the card information to the Michaels store’s system. So, it is safe to use at Michaels.

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