Does Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay in Store (Quick Guide)?

Hobby Lobby is an American retail department store offering various arts and crafts products required for student projects and parties. At present, Hobby Lobby has 969 stores in 47 American states. Also, you discover 70,000+ home decor items perfect for Christmas or other festive decorations.

So, stock all the Christmas or party decor you need and shop at the Hobby Lobby store. Hobby Lobby also accepts online orders. So, let’s learn whether Hobby Lobby takes Apple Pay at their stores or online as a payment method. 

Does Hobby Lobby accept Apple Pay?

Hobby Lobby take Apple Pay

85% of American retail stores accept and encourage Apple Pay as a payment method because of its increasing demand. Apple Pay is the most secure and reliable payment technology for payments and depends on NFC architecture. Additionally, 16.2% of people use Apple Pay daily for transactions. 

Even with rising popularity, Hobby Lobby needs to take Apple Pay in 2022. Therefore, you must rely on other payment methods Hobby Lobby accepts other than Apple Pay. 

Hobby Lobby doesn’t accept Apple Pay because its outlets haven’t installed NFC or POS machines. So, paying via a contactless payment method is not possible.

Hobby Lobby’s online store also doesn’t take Apple Pay. You can pay through credit or debit cards, gift cards, and PayPal. At the checkout section, select PayPal as the payment option at Hobby Lobby online.

Now, let’s understand if Hobby Lobby accepts Apple Pay in-store.

Does Hobby Lobby Store take Apple Pay?

Sadly, you cannot use Apple Pay to purchase home decor or other supplies at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby provides home decor, crafts, floral, party, project, yarn, and jewelry items. 

However, Apple Pay users cannot purchase these items at Hobby Lobby in-store. The store uses traditional payment methods, such as card swiping machines, and doesn’t provide contactless payment options like Apple Pay.

Customers can use Hobby Lobby Gift Cards or checks for payment in-store. So, to provide contactless payment options, the store has to equip with card reader machines. 

Many Hobby Lobby customers are requesting the store to initiate Apple Pay as the payment method as it’s most suitable. Therefore, if they modify the payment infrastructure and introduce NFC technology in stores, there would be massive demand for Hobby Lobby in America.

We’ll look at if Hobby Lobby takes Tap Pay in-store or online.

Does Hobby Lobby take Tap Pay?

Hobby Lobby only accepts traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards. In addition, the staff at the Hobby Lobby store needs to learn how to use NFC payment methods. As a result, they cannot help their customers with Apple Pay transactions for the goods they purchase. 

Therefore, introducing Apple Pay or any other contactless payment method means substantial investment. So, Hobby Lobby doesn’t take Tap Pay at their stores. However, they allow customers to purchase items and pay via PayPal online. 

PayPal is another popular and widely used method in the market. Also, it’s trusted and secure. You can even make international transactions on Apple Pay. Hence, Hobby Lobby accepts PayPal.

So, PayPal is the only Tap Pay payment method available at Hobby Lobby online store. Hobby Lobby has collaborated with PayPal and accepts the payment method online. However, remember that you cannot use PayPal in any 969+ Hobby Lobby outlets in America.

Now, let’s look at the final topic of this blog, i.e., Hobby Lobby payment methods. It will inform you what payment methods the store accepts.

Hobby Lobby payment methods

Although Hobby Lobby doesn’t provide contactless payment alternatives to its customers, you can pay via other methods. We’ll look at in-store and online payment methods. So, let’s glance at in-store payment methods.

Hobby Lobby in-store payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Visa card
  • MasterCard
  • Discover card
  • American Express card
  • Hobby Lobby gift cards (terms and conditions apply)

Hobby Lobby online payment methods:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • PayPal
  • Hobby Lobby gift cards


Apple Pay is the industrial giant when it comes to contactless payment. Apple Pay depends on NFC technology that double encrypts your card’s information and doesn’t reveal it to anyone. So, servers accepting Apple Pay will not have access to your payment details. It will remain secured. 

Thus, Hobby Lobby must offer Apple Pay as a payment method. Customers can hope that Hobby Lobby will introduce Apple Pay shortly as it will grow its revenue.

Does Hobby Lobby take Google Pay?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t take Google Pay online or in-store. PayPal is the only contactless payment option available at the online Hobby Lobby store. 

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