Does HEB accept Apple pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

HEB is well known for delivering groceries in Texas and is well established. The customers of HEB are fully satisfied with them.

On the other hand, Apple Pay has a large user base and is liked by most worldwide users. Apple Pay is an NFC technology-based payment mechanism. You can make transactions just by tapping a few times on the app.

It is a very simple and fast payment mechanism that anyone can use to make transactions in stores or anywhere around the world. This article will discuss whether HEB accepts Apple pay or not. If yes, how can you make the payment, and why not? 

Does HEB take Apple pay 2024?

HEB accept Apple pay

Shockingly, HEB does not accept Apple Pay due to some reasons or others. 

HEB has announced in public that it will not accept payment. However, in March 2022, HEB tweeted on Twitter that HEB may support Apple pay, but there has yet to be a confirmation that it will accept Apple Pay. 

But still, it is much better than a direct no to the audience. There may be more chances that HEB will soon accept Apple Pay as their payment method. Be with us because we will also discuss other payment methods accepted by HEB and some reasons behind the rejection of Apple pay. 

Why does HEB not accept Apple pay?

HEB has yet to announce why it does not accept Apple Pay officially, but yes, there are many hints through which we can understand better why HEB does not accept apple pay. 

The main thing is HEB has its payment mechanism known as “HEB go”, through which you can make a contactless payment. HEB wants its users’ most valuable data to be in its hands so HEB can use it to increase profit. So HEB doesn’t allow Apple Pay to make the transactions at their store. 

However, HEB offers Curbside pick up and home delivery to its users, which are 100% contactless. So these can be some speculations and reasons why HEB is not accepting Apple Pay as their payment method. 

HEB Payment method : 

If you feel bad about HEB not accepting Apple Pay, then you don’t need to worry much because there are other payment methods you can use to make transactions at HEB. Given below is the list of the transaction methods accepted by HEB. These are : 

  • American Express
  • Mastercard and Visa card
  • Discover Cards
  • Cash 
  • W. I. C vouchers. 
  • HEB Go

Above, you can easily see that there is no mention of Android pay, google pay or Samsung pay. The same reason applies here that is applicable for Apple pay. HEB doesn’t allow other contactless payment apps to take over their store. The HEB Go is a contactless payment method, and it is owned by HEB to earn more profit and data. 

Let’s see some other methods to make payment at HEB 

EBT Card 

It is a debit card launched by the government to get the benefit of government benefit schemes such as food stamps which you can use at supermarkets like HEB. 

HEB Gift Cards 

Suppose you are a user of HEB Go. You must hear about HEB gift cards. If anyone sends you a gift card, you can use it to buy in-store or online shopping. You can make payment through your gift card directly. You don’t need to sell it on any website. 

When will HEB accept Apple Pay? 

Well, there needs to be clarity about when HEB will accept Apple pay as we know HEB has invested in its app to make a contactless payment.

However, in March 2022, it was announced by HEB on Twitter that HEB knows the importance of Apple and they will look into the matter and will let us know soon. 

It depends on HEB whether it accepts Apple Pay or not. But it has taken more time than expected, and still, there has yet to be a response from HEB on whether they accept Apple Pay or not, and it is not good for Apple to pay users as well. We can wait or use other forms to make transactions for HEB stores and delivery. 


HEB is not accepting Apple pay as its payment method, and it is unclear whether it will accept Apple pay in the future as HEB has launched its payment-making app.

I don’t think there is any chance of Apple Pay or any contactless payment-making app being accepted by HEB.

 But we can not say HEB will not accept Apple pay; surely, maybe in the future, HEB will start accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment-making apps.

However, users don’t need to worry much about it as they have several options to make transactions. They can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, EBT transfer, Cash, EBT Gift Cards, and W. I. C vouchers. 


Does HEB accept tap-to-pay?

HEB does not accept tap-to-pay or any contactless payment mechanism as it has its own. 

Does HEB accept Google Pay?

No, HEB does not accept google pay. Apart from that, it does not accept mobile pay, Android pay, Samsung pay, and apple pay.

Does HEB gas accept Apple pay? 

As we all know that HEB doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Therefore HEB gas, pharma or other stores would not accept Apple Pay.

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