Does Costco Accept Apple Pay in (Stores, Instacart & Online)?

Apple pay has made revolutionary shopping experiences for users in millions in the US. It has over 90% market share in the country, with many people here daily. Rather than fumbling around finding a credit card or using cash from your wallet, you can easily use the iPhone to proceed with the payments.

Many big corporations are adopting this digital payment technology, and some also provide percentages off for apple customers. So the fact is whether Costco accepts Apple pay or not?

In 2018, Costco accepted apple pay at a store in US food courts and gas stations if they properly used the NFC reader. You can also use Apple pay with the app of Costco on your mobile to make online shopping purchases.

Remember that Costco only accepts payment methods if your visa card is linked with the Apple pay wallet.

How to use Apple pay at Costco?

Costco accept Apple pay

As we tell you, you can easily use Apple Pay at the Costco online store if you have an apple watch or iPhone. Simple, you have to tell the cashier that you are paying via apple pay when you are at the checkout lane.

You should bring your phone next to the NFC card reader, and on the home button, hold up your finger until you get a vibration. If you use the apple watch, you should double-click on the side button and take it to close near the NFC reader until it beeps and vibrates. You will get a notification to confirm your payment.

Here are the three ways you can easily use Apple pay at Costco.

  1. Touch ID
  • You have to keep your iPhone close to the Costco NFC reader and keep waiting till the notification of the transaction appears.
  • Put your finger on the home button to confirm your transactions
  • It will activate your touch ID for the finger recognition
  • You will see the checkmark on your screen once the transaction is complete.

2. Face ID

  • Keep your iPhone close to the Costco NFC reader and wait until the notification of transactions appears.
  • Click on the side button two times to use the default online card
  • Keep your Face in front of your iPhone to make the transactions online
  • It will activate the face ID and recognize your Face
  • It will appear on your checkmark once the transactions are completed.

3. Apple Watch

  • Keep your apple watch close to the Costco NFC reader and wait until the notification of transactions appears.
  • Click on the side button two times to use the default online card. You can also scroll down to find another available card to use
  • Once you proceed with the transaction, you feel the soft tap and hear the single beep sound.

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Does Costco take Apple for instacart?

Apple pay is also available for customers at Costco who want to make orders via instacart. It permits the users to shop for groceries and deliver them to them. Here is the easy way to use apple pay on Costco for instacart

  1. Log in to your account at instacart
  2.  Choose your local store at Costco
  3. Add the products to the cart that you want to purchase
  4. A further move to checkout. Select the apple pay payment methods from it
  5. Then, the screen prompts you for the identity verification process by entering the code through email or SMS. Once it is done, you have to ensure that everything looks great and move toward the payment
  6. Then, you have to confirm it, either through touch or Face ID, to make the payments
  7.   Wait now for delivery.

Can i use Apple pay Mastercard at Costco?

Yes, Costco accepts the Apple pay MasterCard only at their warehouses or on the official website. However, MasterCard is not considered an accepted payment method in clubs because it made the deal only with Citi visa in 2015 to make the primary credit card for Citi visa.

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Does Costco accept Apple pay in stores?

Yes, it accepts Apple pay in all its stores that have NFC readers. You can easily pay at Costco stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and food courts through apple pay. Apple pay is accepted at all Costco stores. Remember that apple pay still needs to be accepted on the Costco app or Costco website.

If you decide to use Apple pay at Costco in stores, there is one thing that you should know. Costco has made an exclusive partnership with Visa, which also benefits you more. So, while using Costco, remember that it first prioritized accepting the Visa card.

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Does Costco have Apple pay cash?

Yes, Costco accepts Apple pay cash, as it also comes in the category of accepted payment methods. Along with visa cards, gift cards, etcCostco also accepts Apple pay cash to pay here.

Is Costco accept ApplePay with discovery?

Yes, Costco accepts Apple Pay with Discover cards. It is considered an additional payment method. They only limit payments to Visa cards at Costco. With this, if you have a Discover card or Costco shop card, you can easily use them to pay for your purchases.

Can I pay Costco with apple pay at the pump?

The first pump at Costco was opened as members of the pump only in 1996. Costco was founded in 1976 as a warehouse membership club only. Like the other Costco retail locations, the pump is renowned for its premium grade or inexpensive fuel. At the pumps at Costco, the apple pay method of payment is not accepted.

You cannot use the apply pay at Costco pump in the short term. Remember that Costco only takes the visa card linked to your apple pay wallet.

Costco accept apple pay payment for gas?

The customer service of Costco needs to mention apple pay in the list of approved and valid payment options at gas stations. But it is determined that the US-based Costco gas stations are the only ones that accept Apple pay.

If your visa card is linked with Costco and they have the NFC reader, then you can easily use apple pay to make a purchase.

Costco payment methods

As we already tell you, you can easily pay through apple pay at gas stations, Costco stores, food courts, and pharmacies. It is always good to know the other payment methods you can use if apple pay is not accepted or you cannot pay through it.

1. Debit or credit cards

You can pay easily at Costco through credit or debit cards. But there are some things that you should first consider.

  • You can easily use the Visa card at Costco due to the exclusive membership
  • You can also use the MasterCard while shopping at the Costco website
  • You are also allowed to use ATM cards, and PIN-enabled debit cards

2. Costco card

You can easily use the two types of cards at Costco

  • Costco Anywhere Visa card

This Costco card is specially designed for Costco members. It provides excellent cash-back rewards to make purchases at Costco, and you do not need to pay any annual fees for paid members at Costco.

  • Costco shop cards

You can easily add money to the card in denominations, beginning from $25 to $2000.

3. Mobile payments

If you want to make digital payments, but do not want to use an iPhone, then you can easily use other mobile payment methods like Samsung pay and Google pay. Both work similarly in a way to apple pay.

4. EBT cards

EBT ( electronic benefits transfer) cards are the same as debit cards. It permits the people to get benefits from government schemes like food stamps to pay retailers directly like Costco.


Many big companies, like Costco, have incorporated apple pay as a valid payment method. Bear in mind that Costco only accepts Apple pay, but only if you have a Visa card in your account.


What credit cards does Costco accept in 2022?

Some of the credit cards used at Costco in 2022 are chase freedom unlimited, PenFed power cash rewards Visa signature card, well Fargo active cash card, and chase sapphire preferred card.

Does Costco accept credit cards?

Costco shoppers cannot use credit cards supported by the main three networks, Mastercard, American Express, and discover. You can only purchase the MasterCard or debit card at the Costco app or website.

Does Costco gas take Mastercard?

No, Costco gas does not accept the MasterCard. As a shopper, you should know that Costco has stations that only accept debit cards, Visa credit cards, and shop cards at Costco.

Does Costco take cash?

Costco warehouse takes many payment methods, like debit, ATM, visa cards, EBT, checks, shop cards, and cash. You can quickly pay the cash to Costco. 

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