Does Burlington take Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

Apple pay is the widely used contactless payment method that all iOS users prefer. It makes shopping easier because all you have to do is carry your iPhone or Apple Smartwatch. There are additional perks available on Apple Pay as well. 

In this blog, we will discover how you can use Apple Pay as the payment method at the Burlington store. Burlington is a departmental retail store where you can purchase menswear, womenswear, kidswear, shows, home decor items, and more. So, let’s learn whether Burlington will accept Apple Pay in 2022.

Does Burlington accpet Apple Pay 2024?

Does Burlington take Apple Pay

Recognizing the ever-increasing popularity of Apple Pay, Burlington has now started accepting it as their payment method. So, iOS users can now purchase items at the store via Apple Pay. 

However, since using Apple Pay as a payment method at Burlington is quite a new concept, not all stores accept it. Some might work on traditional methods, such as credit or debit cards. 

So, if you visit Burlington to shop to pay through Apple Pay, double-check with the store’s staff members. 

Apple Pay is accepted chiefly online or by Burlington stores in popular cities. Now, let’s see how to use Apple Pay in Burlington. 

How to use Apple Pay in Burlington?

Burlington allows you to purchase your items and pay fast with your iPhone. Additionally, you can also pay through Apple Smartwatch. It is a secure app that protects all your card information and authenticates the payment after face ID verification. 

Here’s how you can use Apple Pay on Burlington:

  • Hold your iPhone or Apple smartwatch in front of the payment terminal. 
  • Once your default card emerges, authenticate with your Face ID to proceed with payment.
  • Now, let the app identify the card reader until it shows Done. Your payment completes when the Apple Pay app shows you a checkmark.

So, why wait? Quickly create your virtual credit or debit card in the form of Apple Pay to take your shopping convenience to the next level at Burlington. 

Let’s know if Burlington takes Apple Pay in stores. 

Does Burlington stores accept apple pay?

The majority of Burlington stores are accepting Apple Pay as their payment method. These stores are primarily located in popular cities or locations. 

So it is wise to ask the retail store associate whether they accept Apple Pay as the payment method before shopping. Then, you can shop from your shopping list and register at the checkout if they affirm. Otherwise, you can purchase it online. 

Additionally, using Apple Pay at the Burlington store is convenient and offers you several exciting coupons. Apple Pay is your digital wallet, which doesn’t even charge any hidden transaction fees. However, some Burlington stores may charge you extra convenience fees. So, consider convenience fees as Apple Pay’s hidden charges. 

We’ll see whether the Burlington coat factory accepts Apple Pay. 

Does the Burlington coat factory accept Apple Pay?

Rush to your nearby Burlington store or shop online because it accepts Apple Pay as its payment method. The retail department has recently announced the news, which cannot contain the excitement of iOS users. 

Customers must consider that as Burlington has just started accepting Apple Pay in the stores, some still need to be updated. Therefore, always ask the staff member first before shopping. 

You can always shop online even if Apple Pay isn’t available in your nearby Burlington department. Let’s look at the steps to purchasing items from Burlington online and paying via Apple Pay.

  • First, open the app and add your items to the cart.
  • Come to the checkout page and proceed to payment.
  • Now, select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  • Show your Face ID to make a payment. 
  • Finally, a checkmark image will flash on your screen, which indicates that your payment is successful.

Let’s look at all of Burof Ellington’s payment methods. 

Burlington payment methods

Burlington has made the shopping experience more delightful for customers by introducing various payment methods. These methods also include contactless payment, which is prominent now. 

Here are the payment methods accepted by Burlington:

  • Apple Pay (vary according to the store)
  • AMEX
  • Euro Card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa


By 2024, there will be 48.7 million Apple Pay users worldwide. Therefore, the Burlington store is introducing it as the payment method in every store. 

So, even if your nearby store doesn’t accept Apple Pay, do not worry because, in the future, all the stores will mandate Apple Pay.


What type of payment does Burlington accept?

Burlington accepts Apple Pay, Amex, Euro/MasterCard, Visa Card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

Does Burlington accept mobile payment?

Burlington accepts Apple Pay, Amex, Euro/MasterCard, Visa Card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.

Does Burlington accept mobile payment?

Burlington accepts several mobile payment options. Visit ‘‘ to know about them in detail. 

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