Does Autozone accept Apple Pay at Store/Online (2024)?

Autozone was founded in 1978 and specializes in car and automobile repair needs. Today it has spread its business all over the US and deals in all the auto Accessories in the US. On the other hand, Apple Pay is a contactless payment mechanism that allows the iPhone to make transactions. 

There was a time when people left their houses or ventures outdoors because, at that time, some auto part repairing companies did not accept electronic payment methods. But now the picture has changed today. Almost most automobile repair companies accept Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods. 

Does Autozone take Apple pay in-store? 

Autozone accept Apple Pay 2022

Yes, AutoZone accepts Apple Pay in stores. Apple pay is not accepted widely at stores. 

Only Some of the stores accept Apple Pay as their payment method.

Still, you can not go for online purchases at the official website of Autozone. To know whether a store accepts Apple Pay, you can take the help of Apple Maps. 

You can search the name of the AutoZone store at the search bar of Apple Map, and then you can scroll down, and you will see an option there, “useful to know”. 

Here you can see the logo of Apple Pay. If there is a logo of Apple pay, you can make transactions through Apple pay at the store, and if the logo is not given, then you can use other transaction methods we will discuss below. 

How to use Apple pay on Autozone? 

If you want to make transactions through Apple Pay on Autozone’s store, you must add a payment card, whether a debit or credit card, to your Apple wallet. The process is very easy. Anyone add it by following some steps. 

To add a card, you must open the Apple wallet and tap the “+” Icon at the top right corner. And then, go to the payment method section and set Apple to pay as a default payment method. 

However, some steps you can follow are guided by the app. These are simple instructions anyone can follow and set Apple to pay as a default payment method for Autozone. 

If you have added your payment card to Apple pay, you can make the payment at any Autozone store of Autozone.

While making the payment for Autozone, you must first tell the cashier that you are going to make transactions through Apple pay, and after that, you can easily make the payment. You must verify the authentication through touch ID or face ID, whatever you have set. 

While your transaction is being processed, you must put your device near the NFC reader so the transaction can be done easily and quickly. 

When the transaction is completed, you get a green check mark or “Done” on your screen, which shows that the transaction has been successfully done. Apart from that, you will also get a message from the bank about the transaction. 

Autozone payment methods : 

Apart from Apple Pay, Autozone accepts various payment methods. Anyone can use it to make payments. Autozone accepts all debit and credit cards(including VISA card, American Express, and MasterCard), checks, and cash. It also allows Autozone gift cards on its platform. You can use these payment methods all the time. 

Conclusion : 

As Apple Pay is gaining popularity daily and its number of users is increasing continuously, Autozone has also started to accept Apple pay as their payment method. 

You can make payments by Apple Pay in the Autozone store. However, Autozone does not accept Apple pay for delivery. Apart from Apple Pay, there are other forms available through which a customer can make transactions like visa card, Master card, American Express, cash, cheques and gift cards. It is easily accessible, and anyone can make transactions through these tools. 


Does Autozone accept google? 

Yes, Autozone accepts google pay, but you can use it for in-store purchases, not delivery. 

Does Autozone accept Afterpay?

Currently, Autozone does not accept Afterpay. So, for this reason, you can not make payment through Afterpay at Autozone. 

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