Does ace hardware take apple pay?

Today, ace hardware makes it easy for customers to pay for their purchases in-store or online with the leading payment methods. They offer different payment methods, like cards, cash, and gift cards.

If you frequently use ace hardware, you probably heard about apple pay as the leading payment method. Apple pay is one of the best payment methods to buy the product and pay at the store or online through the apple watch or iPhone. Keep reading the complete article to know how to use apple pay at ace hardware.

Does ace hardware have apple pay in-store?

ace hardware take apple pay

Yes, ace hardware accepts apple pay in stores. Customers can easily use Apple pay through their iPhone or Apple watch at the store. When customers purchase products from the store ace hardware, they can use apple pay without entering their credit details.

The store of ace hardware is owned by the proprietor exclusively and accepts one of the leading payment systems, apple pay. So, you can easily use Apple pay at Ace Hardware and make payments for your products easily.

How to use Apple Pay on ace hardware?

After buying the products at ace hardware, if you want to use apple pay, you have to simply checkout at the counter of a store and ask staff to process transactions with apple pay.

  • Ace hardware stores accept Apple pay from customers with the help of contactless chip and pin features.
  • You can easily pay for your ace hardware purchases with apple pay with your apple watch or iPhone.
  • Before making the payment at the hardware store by using apple pay, ensure to get confirmation from the cashier that you will use apple pay.
  • The best thing is that the customers who use apple pay at the ace hardware store can get 3% cashback whenever they purchase the products. Here are the simple ways to use apple pay at the ace hardware store.
  • If you want to use apple pay to buy products from the ace hardware store, you must use a contactless chip and PIN.
  • You must also use your phone to open the contactless apple card with pre-authorized payment.
  • Then, you have to take confirmation from the cashier to use Apple pay. Once they confirm you, you have to enter the amount as a Pin to make payment for your products.
  • Confirm the amount, and pay using your apple phone or watch at the store.

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Ace hardware payment method

Ace Hardware will accept Samsung pay and Google pays to make payments for the products at the store.

  • The ace hardware store also accepts other leading payment methods, like VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and AmerExpresspress.
  • You can also buy anything at the Ace hardware store and make payments through the gift card and cash.
  • Credit cards, debit cards, and even cash can be used to make payments at ace hardware. If you want to buy the products online from the ace hardware website, you can easily use your credit cards to pay online.
  • It means ace hardware handles the contactless form of payments
  • This is why apple pay is also accepted at ace hardware, along with all other payment methods mentioned above.


Ace hardware accepts Apple pay. You can easily use it via your iPhone or apple watch. But if you cannot use apple pay on ace hardware, you can proceed with another payment method, like PayPal, etc.

Do any hardware stores accept Apple Pay?

Yes, the ace hardware stores accept Apple pay. You can easily use Apple Pay at Ace hardware store by contactless chip or Pin.

Does Ace Hardware accept taps to pay?

Yes, the ace hardware can accept contactless payments, including tap pay. 

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