Another Name of Sunny Deol’s Wife Pooja Deol is [Lynda Deol]

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 06:30 am

Hello friends, Today In this article, I will tell you a very interesting thing about Pooja Deol.

So let’s come to the point. Most of the people become confused when they search for Sunny’s wife. Because there arise two names, Pooja Deol and Lynda Deol. So this article is written to solve this confusion.

If you are also confused between these two names. Then this article is for you. Read this article “Another name of Pooja Deol is Lynda Deol” carefully to the end.

Lynda Deol Details

first of all, Let me give you the little intro about her. She is the wife of the famous Bollywood Star Sunny Deol.

Most of her family members belong to the film industry. Fans of Sunny wants to know about her.

There is very little information available about her on the internet because she never comes on tv, interviews and she also doesn’t have any link with the film industry.

But the most confusing part is that when you search for Sunny Deol wife on the internet where you will see two names, Pooja Deol and Lynda Deol.

So, some people think that Sunny has two wives but it is not the truth. Both the names are of the same person. Yes, Pooja’s other name is Lynda Deol.

Why Pooja Deol have two names?

Many people think that why she has two names. So the answer is she is half Indian and the half  U.K.

This is because the father of Pooja belongs from India and the mother belongs from U.K. People in the U.K know her by the name of Lynda Deol.

But in India, She is famous by the name of Pooja.

“Lynda” is a U.K name. So, some people shared their info on the internet by the name of Pooja and some have shared by the name of Lynda Deol.

This confuses the fans of Sunny. The marriage of Sunny and Pooja also happened in the U.K.

Very few people are invited to this marriage. In other words, it is one of the secret marriage of Bollywood industry. You can also check the marriage photos of Lynda.


Who is the Sunny Deol's wife?

Sunny Deol’s wife name is Pooja Deol Akka Lynda Deol.

Is Pooja a Deol actress?

No, She is writer by profession.

When did Sunny Deol got married?

In 1984, with Pooja Deol.

What is the age of Pooja Deol?

64 years in 2022. She was born in 21 September 1957.

So, guys, I hope you understand the fact behind this confusion.

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