Do staples take Apple pay Store/Online (Complete Guide)?

Today, many local and online stores allow customers to make payments through Apple pay. One of the popular online stores is a staple. Now the fact is whether apple pay is accepted at Staples or not.

If you are a new customer at Staples and want to know whether you are able to use Apple Pay to make payments online or not, then you have to read the article completely.

Do staples take apple pay in stores?

staples take apple pay in stores

Yes, staples take apple pay payments in stores. Staples was the first set store to accept payments via apple pay in 2014.

However, if you have your apple digital wallet at the checkout point, you can easily use it to pay for your purchases at staples.

But keep in mind that staples do not accept apple pay online. So if you want to make payments online staple website or app, you must consider the other payment options.

Does the staples center accept apple pay?

The staple centers accept apple pay only on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Ipad mini 3, and iPad Air 2. You must select Apple Pay on the checkout screen and keep your finger on the touch ID.

How to use Apple pay at staples?

People commonly ask how to make payments at staples through apple pay. It is important to question because the process takes to proceed with the payments by using apple pay mobile wallet takes a different format than other ways of payment, like debit or credit card, that you may already be used to

You can easily use apple pay at staples with the use of an NFC reader. Here is the step-by-step process to use apple pay at staples.

1. Inform to cashier about the usage of apple pay

Inform the cashier or whoever is getting paid, and tell them that you are using apple pay. It is important to inform you because the process of making payments through apple pay differs from other payment methods.

2. Open the apple pay

Now, open Apple pays on your device. You should consider unlocking the security with your fingerprint or entering the password. If you use the face lock, you can easily unlock your security, by placing your face in front of your phone camera.

3. Keep your device near the NFC reader.

To make payment at staples through apple pay, you must keep your device close to the NFC reader. The NFC reader is a near-field communication reader that uses contactless means to accept payments.

Once the payment made by you is approved successfully, the device will give a beep sound, and one of the marks will display on your screen.

4. Get the receipt and purchased items and go on your way

If you use an iPhone device like an iPad or even an apple watch, then you should consider the steps mentioned above because they all follow the same process. After making payments through apple pay by following the above steps, receive the receipt of your buying items and move on your way.

Staples payment methods

Along with apple pay, the other payment methods accepted by staples are

  • Mastercard credit
  • Mastercard debit
  • Discover
  • Amex
  • Visa

Many card brands are used to make payments at staples during checkout.


 From the above facts, it is concluded that you can easily use Apple pay in staple stores. But if you want to make payments online staples, you have to use other payment methods.


Do staples take apple pay for printing?

No, you cannot use apple pay at staples for printing and copy center works. 

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