Do Smiths take Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

Smiths is a Britisher multinational engineering company founded 170 years ago and currently operates with more than 14,600 employees and 50 countries worldwide. On the other hand, Apple pay is one of the most popular and successful payment-making apps. Anyone can make transactions using this app. Apple is a payment mechanism based on NFC technology. 

Apple pay is widely accepted around the world. It is a contactless payment method. You can use Apple Pay with all Apple devices, whether iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. In this article, we will know whether Smiths accept pay or not. 

Does Smiths grocery accept Apple pay? 

Do Smiths take Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay to buy different products through supermarkets is fascinating and reliable. Most stores accept Apple pay as their payment method, but you will be shocked to know that after too many efforts of Apple’s management, Smiths doesn’t accept Apple pay. I know it is bad news for Apple Pay users, but we can’t do anything as the Smith grocery store bans it.

There are so many speculations that revolve around it. But I will let you know the actual reason behind the rejection of Apple pay.

Well, Smiths is owned by longer and has 12 brands operating in the US and some other countries. And Smith is one of them. Now Konger has decided to launch its payment-making app to steal users’ data and use it to increase its business. 

So there is only one contactless payment mechanism adopted by smiths is Konger Pay. Anyone can download this app and transact at any Konger store, including Smiths. It is also a contactless payment method used by different users to make transactions at Konger stores. 

Do Smith’s gas stations accept Apple pay?

The short and simple answer is ‘No’. Once it is clear that Smith is not accepting apple pay, therefore, whether it is Smith’s pharma, food or gas, it won’t accept apple pay as Smith’s owner runs it, and we all know that Konger owns Smiths. 

So you can make a contactless payment with Konger only. No other contactless payment method will be applicable at Konger’s store. 

Smiths Payment Method:

Apple pay users don’t need to feel down as Smiths also does not allow Google Pay, Tap to Pay, Android pay, Afterpay, Samsung Pay or any other contactless payment method except Konger Pay.

However, Smiths also accept payment in other forms like VISA card, Master Cards, American Express,  Discover, and PayPal. If you use any of these cards, you can make the transactions directly. 

Conclusion : 

There is no doubt that Apple Pay is accepted all around the world due to the huge user base and demand as well. 

But some stores or supermarkets use their contactless payment method or some other payment method. It applies to Smiths. Smiths has a large customer base, and Konger owns it. 

And Konger has launched its app named Konger Pay which is accepted by all the 12 stores of Konge, including Smiths.

Apart from that, you can also use some other ways to make transactions like by using a VISA card, master card, Konger app, American Express, Discover, cash, and Cheques as well. 


Do Smiths accept contactless payments? 

Smiths has its contactless payment mechanism. So it does not allow any other contactless payment mechanism on its platform. It uses its own do that can steal users’ data easily and increase its profit.

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