Do five below take Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

The interest of many shoppers to make payments through contactless payment methods like apple pay has brought the requirements for restaurants and new-generation stores to become adaptive to this trend.

By associating the various contactless payment services with the modes of payment, it will not only attract more consumers in patronage terms but also helps to build confidence with customers when it is related to paying for purchases at online stores.

Apple Pay is one of the popular payment methods available today, and that is known as the leading payment service when we talk about contactless payment methods. As a result, most stores, including gas stations, and restaurants, already accept Apple pay to make payments from their customers. This depends upon the current trends.

Five Below is one of the American specialty chains of discount stores that sell products of cost less than $5, with a small assortment of products lying from $6 to $25. Read the article to know whether the five below accept Apple pay.

Do the five below take apple pay online?

five below take apple pay

Yes, you can easily use Apple pay online at five below. While online shopping at five below apps or platforms, the customers have to log in to the five below users and check the catalog of the products they want.

The payment options will show in front of you, in which one apple icon represents the leading payment method, apple pay.

When choosing Apple Pay, the default card of the wallet will be shown in front of you, but the user can change it if they do not want to pay from the card; they will extend the menu and select another one. Once you select the card, tap “confirm the payment,” and money will automatically be deducted from apple pay.

Do the five below accept apple pay store?

Yes, the five below accept Apple pay at various locations of stores. Once you set up your apple wallet, you have to make payments to make purchases at restaurants or stores where it is considered an accepted payment method, including the five below.

It requires you to add a bank card to your wallet, and you might wonder why you have to do this. Well, as the digital wallet, to make payments, there should be a money source for payments. Now, the source, either by debit card or credit card, even the gift card, or any other option that you consider perfect to work.

You must consider the steps below to add the new card to your apple wallet.

  • Have you successfully downloaded the app on your device? If yes, you should open the platform on your device. Move to the settings option directly.
  • Next, you have to choose the apple pay and wallet option
  • Then, you have to choose the alternative of adding a card and tap on the continue button
  • Select the types of payment that you want for the app
  • Here, you must add the information of your credit card or debit card that you want to register to make payments. You can easily do it manually or hold your smartphone on the machine screen
  • Finally, it is crucial to accept every term and condition apple makes.

How to use Apple Pay at five below?

Once you decide to use apple pay to make payments or add a bank card to your apple wallet, you have to start making payments for your purchases at restaurants and stores where it is an accepted payment method.

You can easily use Apple pay to make payment at five below by following some easy steps. However, the steps to proceed with payments for your purchases at five below, here you have to be.

1. Select apple pay as the preferred method of payment

When you decide that you have to make a payment at five below through apple pay, you have to inform the cashier to put a request to the attendant that you will use your apple wallet. Once they accept your request, you must move to the next step.

2. Choose the payment card.

This is the next step that you have to consider; if you do not choose the card that you want to use, the payment will be made automatically from your default card.

This is the reason why it is important to choose your preferred payment card that you used to fund the payment for your five below purchases. It can easily be done by opening your apple wallet app and changing to another card, you can choose the default card, and it will be open to choosing from all cards that link to your apple wallet.

3. Card validation

This process tries to ensure that you are the only one who authenticates the transactions. Hence, you have to focus on unlocking to validate your card.

  • For face ID

You have to double-click the side button to bring the scanner you used to scan your face.

  • For touch ID

You have to put your finger on the home button.

  • For password

If you are not willing to use any of the unlocking processes above, you have to consider verifying your card by placing the password details of your Apple ID.

Do the five below take the cash app?

Yes, the five below accept the cash app to make the payments. As the cash app has also come under the accepted payment methods at five below, it will also take five below to make the payment for purchases in-store.

Five below payment methods

The five below provide the various payment methods that customers can use while making payments for their purchases at any store location of five below. However, you have to remember that all the online payment methods are not acceptable at the five below. For example, PayPal and Venmo are two common payment methods used to make payments by customers for their purchases through the five below applications.

Unfortunately, you cannot pay at five below for in-store orders using Venmo or PayPal. Here are the payment methods used at five below.

  • PayPal (app)
  • Venmo (app)
  • Gift cards
  • A debit card or credit card
  • Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express
  • Cash
  • Android pay, Samsung pay, and Google Pay


We conclude that the five below take apple pay as the accepted payment method. When using Apple Pay, you do not need to carry cash or the right cash in your pocket for shopping at five below.


Does the 5 below take food stamps?

The five below do not take food stamps as the payment method. Only apple pay, cash, credit or debit cards, and gift cards are accepted at five below.

Do the five below take afterpay?

The five below do not take afterpay. If you want to make payments at the five below, you must consider other payment methods than afterpay.

Do the five below take klarna?

No, the five below do not accept klarna. Klarna does not list the accepted payment methods of the five below, so you cannot use klarna.

Do the five below accept google pay?

Yes, the five below accept the Google Pay method of payment. You can easily use Google pay to make purchases at Google pay.

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