How to Dispute Money/Transaction on Cash App [2024-Guide]?

Cash app dispute is an option for cash app users to deal with any unexpected situation or transaction which is not as per the cash app’s policy. To deal with any irregularity on the cash app’s side, cash app users can raise a complaint and inform to cash app customer support service about that loophole and malfunction in transactions.

First of all, we need to know and understand what are the situations in which you can file a dispute on cash app. There are some situations or activities which are illegal and not according to the policy of cash app. So if such things happen to any cash app users they can file a dispute to get their problem solved.

Transactions that can be Disputed

So first of all cash app users must know what kind of transactions can be disputed on cash app. So in this section, we will discuss the transactions that can be disputed.

cash app money dispute

1. Sent money to the wrong person

Cash app is a peer-to-peer money sending service. And cash app users do make mistakes sometimes when they send money to the wrong person. Well in this situation you can file a dispute and inform cash app about the wrong transaction. 

Normally, cash app has nothing to do with this situation, it is just a money transferring app and provides the platform to people.  Well in this situation there is only one thing that is possible if the recipient agrees to return the money. If he does not agree to return the money, you can contact cash app customer support service and raise a complaint.

2. Got scammed on cash app

If you have been scammed on cash app and money deducted from your cash app account wrongly, you can file a dispute with cash app and demand for refund.

3. Money deducted without any transaction

You suddenly see money has been debited from your account and you have not made any transaction or purchased anything, you can raise a complaint in this situation. Just inform cash app support team and raise a complaint. They will help you out.

4. Pending/Failed transactions.

Pending or failed transactions mean money has been deducted from your account but has not been received by the merchant. Well, you can not file a dispute about pending transactions. You can file a dispute only when the transaction is complete.

5. Refund not received

If you are charged in an unauthorized way and you raised a complaint about a refund but did not receive the refund yet. In this situation, you file a dispute with cash app to get a refund. 

How to file a dispute with cash app?

If you see any irregularity on your cash app account, you can raise a complaint and inform cash app support team. Follow the following steps to file a dispute with cash in any unauthorized transaction.

  • Select the activity on your cash app home screen
  • Now choose the transaction in questions and tap the three dots on the top right corner of the interface.
  • choose need help and cash app support
  • Tap dispute this transaction

What happens after I dispute a charge?

When you file a dispute with cash app, the cash app team will look into the matter considering all the facts and if they find your dispute legit, your request to file a dispute will be accepted. Once dispute is filed, cash app team will try to solve your query within 10 business days.

How do I check the status of a dispute?

Once you file a dispute regarding any transaction that you think is not legit, the cash app support team will keep you updated via email or message.

How do I cancel a dispute?

You have raised a complaint but suddenly you notice that your pending transaction is successful or the person, to whom you sent money by mistake, has returned your money. Well in this situation, you can contact the cash app team and request to cancel your dispute.

Can I dispute a recurring subscription?

If you have not activated your subscription and it subscribed automatically. In this situation, you can file a dispute for a recurring subscription. But you have to show proof that your subscription has ended.

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