Does Dick take Apple Pay Online (Complete Guide 2024)?

Have you ever used Apple pay? Do you want to use Apple pay at dicks? If yes, then this guide is perfect for you.

Apple Pay is the NFC payment option available on Apple products like the Apple Watch and iPhone. You can easily use apple pay at checkout at any store of dicks, on the web, or in applications. In the short term, it is considered a secure way of payment.

You can also use the apple watch or iPhone to perform the contactless payment options only by placing your device on the NFC reader. Here this article tells you whether the dicks accept apple pay or not.

If you also want to use the Apple pay reliable payment method on dicks, then you should read the complete article.

Does a dick accept apple pay online?

dick take apple pay online

Yes, dicks take apple pay online. Dicks sporting goods is considered one of the retailers that take apple pay. You can easily use the apple watch or iPhone to pay for products in-store with the help of wallet features on your device.

Using this method, you can easily and safely save the payment information and proceed to future purchases easier and faster. Dicks app and website have the payment method to accept apple pay. Also, you make the payment method by using a Visa card, Discover card, MasterCard, etc.

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How to use apple pay at dicks?

Once you decide to check out, you can pay with the help of apple pay using the below methods. Here is how you can easily use apple pay at dicks. If you want to create an apple pay account on an iPhone device, you must follow the steps.

  1. Open the settings app online and move to the “wallet and apple pay.”
  2. Select the “add card” and add it to the details of your credit card and debit card
  3. Accept the terms and conditions online.
  4. Once you accept all the terms and conditions, you should finalize the step and use apple pay to make the online payments.

To set the apple pay on the online apple watch, you will require your iPhone with apple pay set up to complete the process.

  • Open the online apple watch application on your iPhone
  • Choose the wallet and apple pay
  • Then you have to add your card to add your debit or credit card details to your apple watch and apple pay.

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Does Dicks sporting goods accept Apple Pay?

Yes, dicks sporting goods accept apple pay in-store, online, or in the IOS app. It is common to see a few customers asking whether the dicks sporting goods accepts apple pay. While paying online for orders at dicks sporting goods through apple pay is impossible, you should consider applying for a card that offers apple pay.

Additionally, the card allows you to buy the items via apple pay; it is also possible to get cashback and earn points through the services.

Dick’s payment methods

Dicks sporting goods provides various safe payment options to make online purchases. Dicks accepts the following debit or credit cards.

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Dicks sporting goods MasterCard
  • Discover card

Bear in mind that the dicks sporting goods do not accept the payment option of credit card issued outside of the United States. Along with the above payment options, the dicks sporting goods also accepts the

  • PayPal
  • Gift cards 


This article clears all the details related to dicks, whether it accepts apple pay or not. I hope you understand when or when not apple pay is accepted at dicks sporting goods.

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