Dhinchak Pooja New Song, Nach Ke Pagal Lyrics, Public Trolls

Dhinchak Pooja is again back with her New Song, Nach Ke Pagal. The Lyrics of the song is hilarious. After listening to it, public trolled her so badly and roasted her.

And due to this, Dhinchak’s song again got millions of views on youtube. It is public who is making her famous by trolling her. But in between trollers there are some fans of her also.

nach ke pagal lyrics

Dhinchak is a fun-loving girl. She doesn’t care about what people say about it. She is doing what she loves.

Dhinchak became popular by her song “Selfie Maine le Li aj“. She became famous overnight. In fact, nowadays, no one knows what will gonna be viral overnight.

After Jio, the number of internet users increased to millions in India. Due to which these people become famous overnight in India.

Dhinchak Pooja New Song, Nach Ke Pagal

Note:- Listen to it at your own risk because it may disturb your eardrums. LOL!

Dhinchak knows the public will troll her. So, she has disabled comments on her video and also the like/dislike button. You can check it on youtube.

Nach Ke Pagal Lyrics

Naach Ke Pagal…

Naach Ke Pagal…

Pagal Ho Ke Nacho or Nach Ke Pagal Ho Jao… (Repeat)

Jaha Bhi Mile Khatiya… tum Chadar daal k so jao… (Repeat)

Are Naach Ke Pagal… (Repeat)

School ki Chutti Maro or tution dhoom machao…

Paan Ki dukan Kholo or sabko chuna lagao…

Raat ko Tum jago or din mai tum so jao…

Holi pe Patakhy fodo or Diwali mai sabko nehlao..

Muh Pe thapad maro or pool mai dubki lagao…

Pagal Ho k Nacho or Nach ke Pagal ho jao… (Repeat)

Jaha B mily Khatiya tum chadar daal k so jao (Repeat)

Are Nach ke Pagal..

Photo Tum aoni Khincho or net par tum chadao…

Are Nach Ke Pagal… (Repeat)

Roasted by Youtubers


DHINCHAK POOJA'S New song is cancer ✌😂| Dhinchak pooja Naach ke pagal roast |


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