How to Delete Paparazzi Account? Why People Quit Paparazzi?

Paparazzi’s website trades trend-setting pieces of jewelry made in China and is known for being free of lead and nickel impurities. The paparazzi founders’ net worth is marked to be nearer to 1 million.

If you want To cancel your account with Paparazzi then follow the below given Simple Guide.

How to Delete a Paparazzi Account?

How to DELETE a Paparazzi Account

To delete your account with Paparazzi you just need to browse through the below process.

STEP 1- All you need to do is request them through the mail for deleting your information.

STEP 2- Send a mail to ryan@redacted and mention why you want to delete the information.

STEP 3- Additionally, mention detailed information about the account and also specify the laws under which the request is being sent.

STEP 4- Usually, such requests can be covered under the General Data Protection Regulation for EU residents and California Consumer Privacy Act for Californian residents.

STEP 5- Once the mail is sent from your site, you can safely log out and delete the app from the iPhone or Android Smartphone. Simply long-press on the app you wish to delete and then click on the cancel button to delete the app.

How do I stop being a Paparazzi Consultant?

For ceasing from being a paparazzi consultant, you’ll have to take care of the below steps.

– Resign and submit your resignation to the MLM stating as to why you’re resigning from the consultant position.

– Once your resignation is acknowledged and accepted, you’ll have to return your sealed products to your office and wait to receive your money refund. 

– They would further inquire if you’ve unopened products with you and upon confirmation would be asked to destroy those products.

– Additionally, you will need to leave all your VIP groups and you need to also leave the team support page.

– Download your payment receipts from the MLM websites.

– Exit social media pages of Paparazzi and in case you had maintained a business page with them ensure to update information about your resignation adequately on this place.

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How to Reactivate the Paparazzi account?

If the account is deactivated, due to insufficient sales or if the consultant had decided to leave Paparazzi while being on good terms with the account, and then changes his or her mind in some time, one can easily join back by calling back call consultant support (855-697-272) asking them to clear your account.

To re-join paparazzi, immediately you need to take up a kit and would require to fill in your application to begin again as early as possible.


Why people quit paparazzi?

Most people are quitting paparazzi as they are not able to make enough profits out of it. They are also not able to figure out at times how they could grow in the organization.

Sometimes people leave as they might not have received adequate help and support from the team.

Can I cancel my paparazzi starter kit?

You can always cancel the paparazzi revolution starter kit within three days from the date of receipt if and when the products appear to be damaged. But if there is a way to repair the product then it need not be returned.

How Long can you be inactive with the Paparazzi?

At least 25 pieces need to be sold to remain active, usually, 100 pieces sell per year can be considered ideal. If the sale is less than 25 or if the account remains inactive, then such accounts would be terminated automatically.

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