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Download Dados do Bem App. Coronavirus app for Brazil. Get all updates about COVID-19 like the number of cases, death rate, precautions, causes, and much more.

Very helpful app for this corona epidemic and to save brazil from COVID 19. Every country is launching COVID 19 app to make it easier for people to fight against corona.

Brazil also launched this app to help people of Brazil to use it and protect themself from this world epidemic situation.

Mobile apps are the only way to update people within no time. Everyone has smartphones that make it easier to update people about COVID 19 through the app that’s why every country taking the help of apps to reach people.

About Dados do Bem

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Brazil people must install this app to fight against corona disease. It is a non-profit app and very user friendly. Very easy to use the app. Anyone can operate this app without any tutorial.

This app got a 5-star rating on the apple store. Dados do Bem is available for all iOs mobile users. Must install this app in your iOs device.

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How To Use Brazil Corona App

Dados do Bem App download

covid 19 brazil app download

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Dados do Bem App

Benefits of Covid 19 App Brazil 

You will get all the latest updates about the corona disease and patients. How many tests have been taken and how many people have recovered from COVID 19.

Dados do Bem updates accurate results.

You can also check the location of the tested positive patient this will help you to avoid traveling in that location.

Basically, this app is a contribution to fight against corona and make brazil free from COVID 19.

Download Covid 19 App Brazil

  • Click on Download Button


  • Fill the captcha


  • You will be redirected to download page


  • Click on the Install button


  • That’s it.

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