How to USE CVS mychart app [2024]? Get your medical records

The CVS mychart app can bring your health information right to your device. All you need to do is to look through the files. Communicating with the doctor anytime, viewing results, and scheduling appointments all come wrapped in one app for patients and their families.

How do I get my medical records from mychart?

Download cvs mychart app

Once you’ve downloaded the app, register on the device. 

  • From the Menu option, go to My Documents Center.
  • Choose the tab which is specified as My records.
  • From your past documents, tap on the click here links to submit a record request. Once the records are submitted they will be verified and released by your doctor.
  • There can be some date restrictions and limitations around the page count when releasing reports to My Chart.

How to download & install CVS mychart app?

Go to your Google Playstore or Apple AppStore if you want to download the CVS Mychart app. You need not do much except hit the install tab when downloading the CVS Mychart app.

How to use CVS mychart app?

Using the CVS app is beneficial for those who run on a tight schedule or have more than one appointment in a week with the doctor.

  • Once the app is downloaded, register yourself into it.
  • Registration would include completing your profile on the app.
  • Verify your phone number and email ID.
  • Once you’re all set to access the information move to the app.
  • An important function of the app is, it gives you access to check medical records on the go.

Below are some functions of the app one can avail of while using it.

  • Once you get your validated records, you can have them with you anytime.
  • Scheduling appointments with your doctor, 
  • setting push notifications for various requirements, 
  • viewing and paying your medical bills, 
  • obtaining price estimates for your care costs, 
  • secure sharing access for your health records 

You have to simply go through the panel of tabs on your left-hand side to complete the given functions. 

APP Features

  • Paying medical and pharmacy bills is easy with the app in place. Connect your credit or debit card and start paying immediately.
  • The in-built scheduler lets you schedule appointments with doctors, healthcare providers, and even nurses.
  • The cost of different types of care has different price ranges. You can ask the app about the cost estimate for your type of care.
  • Medical records are on the go for you. Many hospitals all across the United States have joined the CVS Mychart app.
  • Test results, discharge summaries, progress notes and much more come together in this app.

CVS mychart Activation code

Get the activation code in the following ways:

  • The clerk can send you a mail with the activation code.
  • You can also ask the clinic staff to sign you up when you’re in the examination room.
  • From your after-visit summary, you can find your Mychart activation code.
  • Submit a government-approved photo ID card to the health records for an activation code. The Health records would send you the code via email.

CVS mychart not working Solution

  • Simply re-install the app.
  • Check if you have the right version of the app

If you’ve failed to log in successfully five times, you will be locked out. To activate call 613-737-8800 and press option 1 or go to [email protected].

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