Crowwe App Review: Why Google Deletes Crowwe from PlayStore

Crowwe is a Nigerian app that is devised to enhance instant messaging privacy and ease mobile payment abilities allowing you to connect with people who matter to you in business and life.

Crowwe App Review: Why Google Deletes Crowwe from Play Store

What is a Crowwe app?

The Nigerian app aims to solve the problem of using an unsafe app by developing the Crowwe apk in a way that can be used securely for communication and money transfer processes.

Conversations can no longer be taken a screenshot of and can never be displayed to a third party without your permission.

Why did Google delete the Crowwe app from the Play store?

Post banning Twitter in Nigeria, Google deletes the Crowwe app when insisted by the app owner. Post Twitter ban some aggrieved individuals took to defaming the app by uploading negative reviews on the site. 

One-time presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba told the media that on Monday 14th of June 2021, the app was pulled down by Google since the company requested it. They want to fix the bugs and wish to put it back again on the PlayStore but right now, they wish to fix its errors and update the codes.

Who owns the Crowwe app?

Crowwe’s Adamu Garba is the presidential aspirant and is the Crowwe app owner. He is the owner of this multipurpose app which can be used not only to chat with family and friends but can also be used to transfer money among friends and businesses.

App Reviews

The collected app reviews were good until the Nigerian government decided to pull down Twitter from Nigeria. Crowwe app was removed from the play store post this action, some people have taken to placing negative reviews on the site for the app. 

But overall, the app has been liked and is being used by many, thus contributing many positive reviews from the app users. 

How to Crowwe app download on Android & iOS?

Adamu Garba app is present for Android app users on Google Playstore and iOS devices on Apple PlayStore.

If you wish to download the app, all you have to do is visit the Google PlayStore and Apple app stores. Once there, you will search the app from the search bar by typing the name of the app in it. 

Once you have detected the right app, you will have to next press the install button or the Get button. Wait until the app is downloaded to your device.

Presently the Crowwe app is deleted from the Google PlayStore upon a request raised by the owner’s post-suspension of Twitter from Nigeria.

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