How to Play & Open Piggy Bank in Crazy Dino Park Game?

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 02:26 pm

If you don’t mind playing with real dinosaurs if they were real! Try the new game where you get to manage dinosaurs in a crazy Dino park. Come to find what’s in there for you.

It is a unique puzzle game totally different from other boring puzzle games. The developer has come with a unique concept.

crazy dino park

This android game is based on dinosaurs. We have listened about Dinosaurs and watched many movies about them. But now, with this game, you can also explore the dinosaurs’ world.

In this article, I am going to tell you the tips and tricks related to the Dino Park game. Also, a video tutorial with a gameplay video.

How to play crazy dino park?

The Crazy Dino Park is a game that trains you in managing a dinosaur park, a crazy one where nothing is in order though. With this game in place, your management skills are put to test. 

How to create wawel dragon crazy dino park?

The wawel dragon can be created by participating in an expedition meant for the special race of explorers. Whenever a helicopter is available in the helipad generally twice a week in 18 hours, you can find a wawel dragon. The dragon is part of the search items in the expedition.

How to open piggy bank in crazy dino park?

The app comes in built with the piggy bank and there is no separate provision to open a piggy bank.

How to break the piggy bank in crazy dino park?

Slightly damaged and broken gems mostly chipped off ones are saved in a piggy bank. These gems are obtained during the expedition. Once the piggybank’s belly has 150 gems, you can try breaking the piggybank. But to break it, you need a special app that you must purchase from in-app services. The app is available in the shop menu present in the game.

How to make dinos poop crazy dino park?

The dinos poop drops every once in a while. You can either use them for decoration or you could trash them in exchange for more precious items. If you store poop, it evolves into cosmetic rewards.

There are different poop stages.

  1. The first stage is known as normal poop.
  2. The next two stages have a mechasur or Wawel poop
  3. The last type of poop is unicorn poop.

You can also add epic and normal poop together to make it a bigger poop.

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Check the Crazy dino park cheats and also tips and tricks. Get unlimited gems, eggs tricks. Below, I have shared the gameplay video.

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