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Virginia COVID App:- The disastrous outbreak of the COVID-19 attack has shaken the world with its viral effectiveness. The government is trying out for several ways and techniques to help people get through this tough time. Some organizations have made their attempts to prepare the vaccines, and others are doing a great job by inventing applications that can notify people of the deadly virus. 

COVID Wise app Virginia

The Virginia Department of Health is all set to make a run for it. The COVIDWISE App, which is made effective as of 10th of July, 2020, is downloadable in Android and iPhone devices. The application’s policy is to collect the health information of the end-users connected with the COVID WISE App and then disclose and otherwise process it. 


The health department of Virginia is responsible for overseeing public health efforts. The health department aims at keeping track of the COVID affected citizens of Virginia. The CovidWise application intends to assist the contact tracing information regarding the pandemic. It includes notifying the individuals if they are close to or around a COVID-infected person.

This also includes monitoring the individuals through the information entered in the application. The data entered by individuals is stored and processed for tracing the contacts locally and notifying other users. This data is then used by applying on the respective user’s device if they contact a COVID affected individual. If so, then are given instructions as to how and where to get tested.

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Virginia COVID Tracker App

The App COVID WISE assigns random codes to each device. These codes keep changing further to keep the user’s information confidential. Anyone who tested positive can inform the app about this, and then their signals will search for other user’s signals.

CovidWise App uses BLE signals to estimate the stretch between two devices. If the range is less than six feet and the timeframe is fifteen minutes, the other users may receive a notification without disclosing the name and location. 

The COVID wise Virginia application processes no personally identifiable data and protects the individual’s identity to the most of it. When a user comes in close contact with a COVID infected person, their Bluetooth devices exchange their random codes generated through this application. These codes get stored in the user’s device for fourteen days (only for close contacts). 

The COVID infected individuals can also create alerts to prevent other people from coming in close contact. They have to enter the six-digit PIN provided to them by the contact tracer of public health. This PIN creates a risk calculation depending on the time, Bluetooth proximity indicator, and the duration. They use this information to trigger alerts among users. 

COVID Wise App Download

The COVIDWISE App is easily downloadable in both Android and iPhone devices. All you are required to do is follow the given steps:

  • Open your device
  • Go to Play Store of Google
  • Type ‘COVIDWISE’ in the search section
  • Click on the tab that reads ‘install’ button
  • Once downloaded, open the app in your device and start enjoying the benefits

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