Colorado LEAP Application Eligibility, Requirements (2023)

The Colorado Leap Program is a federally funded program that helps eligible people to pay part of their winter heating costs. It is a statewide program that helps eligible Coloradans pay their home winter heating costs through one-time payments directly made to utility companies. The application for the Colorado Leap Program is open on 1 November and accepted until 1 May.

Last year, around 84,000 LEAP recipients got $990.11 average benefits. To qualify for the LEAP program, Coloradans should earn up to 60 percent of the median state income level, equating to an income of household expenses less than $66,468 annually for a family of four.

Colorado LEAP Application

Read the article to get complete information about the Colorado LEAP program, including its eligibility criteria, requirements, and the right way to apply.

What is the Colorado Leap Program?

The Colorado LEAP program is a federally funded program that helps hard-working eligible Colorado families, individuals, and seniors pay part of their heating costs during winter. The main aim of the Colorado LEAP program is to bring comfort, safety, and warmth to your family and home by helping with heating costs.

This program works to keep the communities warm in the winter by assisting with equipment repair, heating costs, or changes to inoperable heating tools. While the program is not paying the whole cost of heating payments, it helps to reduce some burdens that occur in colder months in Colorado.

In many cases, the benefits of the Colorado Leap Program are directly paid to the household energy supplier. Suppose your application is approved for LEAP benefits. In that case, the payments are directly made to your heating primary fuel vendor, and notifications are sent to you, along with information on the amount of the benefits.

Another benefit offered by the LEAP program consists of replacing or repairing the home’s primary system, such as wood burning stove or furnace. Remember that this program does not offer financial assistance for portable or temporary heating.

Who is Eligible for LEAP?

If your average income is more than 60% of the median state-level income, you can get the LEAP benefits of heat assistance. The median state-level income is used for LEAP season 2022-23, released by the U.S health and human services departments.

The energy assistance benefit differs based on different factors, consisting of the income and fuel costs of primary heating. You are eligible to apply for the Colorado Leap Program if you.

  • Earn the maximum household family income that is not more than 60% of the median state-level income
  •  Pay the heating home costs to the utility company directly or the landlord as a portion of the rent.
  • Give proof of unlawful residence in the U.S., tend towards you and household members born outside of the U.S. Valid identification form consists of U.S. passport, Born Abroad certificate, permanent resident card, naturalization certificate, and document of asylee status or refugee.

How to Apply for Colorado LEAP Application?

Applications for the Colorado LEAP program are submitted in various ways till 1 November 2022. You can apply for the Colorado LEAP application at the official website.

  1. Visit the official website and get the application online through it
  2.  Download the application form and fill in the information
  3. After completing the application form, you have to drop the application form at the local DHS Office or drop the application to email to your contractor of process.
  4. You can also call 1-866-432-8435 to complete your Colorado LEAP application.
  5. If you are in a heating emergency, you must call 1-866-HEAT-HELP to apply for this program through your phone.
  6. Spanish and English applications are picked up and dropped off at any of the following three locations in pueblo, 2631 E 4th street, 405 W 9th street, and 320 W 10th street.
  7. You can also mail your completed applications to [email protected]

What documents are Required?

Here are the important documents that you should submit with your LEAP application in order to get approval

  • You have to answer all the questions in the application section
  • You have a readable copy of lawful presence documents for you and your household members who are born outside of the US
  • Birth date and social security numbers for all household members have been mentioned in the Colorado LEAP application
  • Monthly household income proof must be attached to the LEAP application
  • You should attach all the receipts of expenses claimed on the profit and loss statement for income of self-employed
  • You should carry a copy of your heating bill with the application for the Colorado LEAP program
  • You must sign your application.


  • Financial assistance to pay winter heating bills
  • If qualified for the Colorado LEAP program, you can get emergency assistance to help replace or repair your primary heating system.
  • If qualified for the LEAP program, you can access weatherization and free furnace services through the energy-saving partner programs.


Colorado LEAP program helps low-income households to pay their heating bill in the winter season. This program is intended to pay only some of the cost of home heating. If you want to apply for the LEAP program to get benefits and bills assistance, you should start paying your heating bills.


Where to send the Colorado LEAP application?

As you know, you can submit your Colorado LEAP application on the official website. You can also fax your application to 719-633-9098 or mail it to LEAP Colorado Springs, Co 80949, or P.O. Box 39200. You can also email your application to [email protected] 

How to check the Colorado LEAP application status?

If you want to check the Colorado LEAP application status, you have to call 1-866-432-8453 (1-866-HEAT-HELP).

How does LEAP work in colorado?

LEAP is a statewide program that helps eligible families and individuals to pay their winter heating costs by completing the one-time payment to the utility company directly on behalf of every eligible LEAP household.


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