Codetantra Secure Exam App (Complete Guide 2024)

Codetantra secure exam App allows you to convert your school, college or university into a virtual environment in no time. There are almost 1369 institutions currently registered with Codetantra and they all are happily availing the facilities, Codetantra offers its users.

codetantra secure exam app download

How to Codetantra Tantra Secure Exam app download on Android & iOS?

There is no special way to download Codetantra and it can be done by opening a chrome browser on your Android phone. Codetantra app download VIT is being done regularly and used regularly by the students.

  • Type in the link sent to you for attending the classes on Codetantra and do not click on any other page while you are on the site.
  •  At the beginning of the class, you might be asked to give several permissions, give the permissions and click on allow for all pop ups seeking permission.
  • Allow camera, microphone and location from your settings of your Android device.

Similarly for iOS devices, you will have to use the Safari browser.

Click on the given link and then give all required permissions and ensure your camera, and microphone are functioning appropriately.


  • Live meeting, chalkboard support; pen and paper methods of teaching, facilities for whiteboards and real-time annotations, power point sharing facilities, live polling options and engagement tracking facilities are available.
  • It also has a platform for assessment and allows proctoring remotely.
  • It also offers online courses with online certifications and degrees.

How to Use Codetantra App?

  • Simply click on the link and then check your microphone, camera and locations are metered properly or not.
  • Click on the start button and check the camera resolutions
  • Now enter your user ID and password and then click on the submit button.
  • Now choose your task from the five provided icons- viewing classes and meetings, courses, tests, programming labs, also help and support option.
  • Once chosen you can complete your tasks as per your requirement.

Codetantra app review

The app seems to be a great platform with all the devices and facilities in place. With more than 1300+ schools, colleges, and institutions relying on it, you can rest assured that this is a trustworthy platform. It is being used by all the premier institutes and is an app of choice for the IITs of the country during the COVID-19 scenario. Not only IITs but the Codetantra app for viteee is also quite popular and is being used regularly across the country.

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