Coca Cola Scholarship Application (Complete Guide)

The coca-cola scholarship program is considered a merit-based scholarship program. It is sponsored by coca cola to give a grant to high school students who complete their senior-level year. However, this scholarship program is based on services and leadership.

In short, the coca-cola scholarship program is Financial Aid to students. This program is also committed to significantly impacting its institutions and communities. This scholarship program honors students for their leadership and serving abilities, which positively affect their schools and communities.

With the 33rd class, the foundation is awarded more than $75 million in education support and more than 6450 scholarships. Every year, 150 students are selected by the coca-cola foundation to receive the $20,000 scholarship. The coca-cola scholars’ foundation takes great steps to help students to continue their education.

coca cola application

Read the article completely to learn about the eligibility criteria, application requirements, benefits, and step-by-step process to apply for coca cola scholarship program.

Who is Eligible for Coca Cola Scholarship?

Interested candidates must meet the following criteria to become eligible for the coca-cola scholarship program.

  • The interested candidates should be existing high school students who will graduate from school in the US during the academic year of 2021-22.
  • Students continue their high school graduation during the same academic year.
  • US nationals, US citizens, refugees, US permanent residents, humanitarian process, Cuban Haitian entrants, and asylees depend on the education departments of the US. They must qualify for the standards for federal financial Aid.
  • Applicants must have an overall minimum 3.0 GPA in their high school curriculum.
  • The applicant is eligible to obtain a degree from a recognized post-secondary school in the US.

What are the Application Requirements?

Here are the requirements that every applicant should meet while applying for the coca-cola scholarship program.

  • You should have your high school code, which you can find on the college board website.
  • What was the combined approximate income of your parents, according to last year’s analysis before tax
  • You should have brief information about the community service hours you complete in high school.
  • The number of IB, honors and AP classes must be available at your high school.
  • You should have the record of your ranks and marks in your current class
  • Your class grades will be used to analyze whether you are eligible for the coca-cola scholarship program.

How to Apply for Coca Cola Scholarship Application?

Applicants have to follow the given steps in order to apply for coca cola scholarship program 2023.

1. First, you should fill out the Google Form and send the complete form to coca cola foundation official site, through the internet.

2. Remember that there is no requirement for essays, paperwork, or transcripts to apply for the coca-cola scholarship program.

3. As per the organization, you should carry the transcript copy before completing this scholarship program. This is important because it ensures that all the information you give is accurate and up to date.


There are many benefits if you are selected under the coca-cola scholarship program. If you want to apply for coca cola scholarship program, you must know about the benefits as follows as

  • The coca-cola scholarship is more than pay for school; it is considered a lifetime opportunity for students.
  • Scholars in the coca-cola scholarship program are involved in a network of 6,300 alumni scholars who helps each other to gain success in their career and college
  • This program hosts annual events in several locations in the country. The coca-cola scholars meet with their class members and alumni during these events.
  • The best thing is that coca-cola scholars made long-lasting connections with each other and will serve in college and beyond.
  •  Every new coca cola scholar is paired with a coach, who guides them to analyze and move towards their future goals.
  • The coach guides every student when they start their college journeys and supports them in their career-based decisions.
  •  Another best thing is that alumni and scholars are highly engaged through social media channels and designed groups of coca cola scholarship programs.


The coca-cola scholarship is a program in which a monetary award in the form of a $20,000 scholarship is given to students to help them to continue their education. Every year, the application for the coca-cola scholarship program opens in August, and the deadline is until October.


Is the coca cola scholarship legit?

The coca-cola foundation provides the most significant prizes to graduating high school seniors. They are also competitive. However, you should be cautious while applying for these prizes. It is suggested to always make the look of con artists.

Is the coca cola scholarship hard to get?

Yes, it is quite tough to get the coca cola scholarship. Every year, a thousand students apply for the coca-cola scholarship program, in which only 150 students are awarded by the coca-cola foundation a scholarship of $20,000. It is determined that only 0.15% of applicants are selected by the foundation to provide scholarships.

How much money is the coca-cola scholarship?

High school seniors with an unweighted 3.0 GPA apply on the foundation website from the August to October deadline. In the coca cola scholarship program, 150 scholars are selected every year to get the $20,000 scholarship.

Does the coca cola scholarship require an essay?

No, coca cola scholarship does not need supplementary documents or application essays. The only requirement for coca cola scholarship you should fulfill is to submit the complete application during the application process.

How many phases are in the coca-cola scholarship?

There are several phases to the coca-cola scholarship process. First, around 2000 semi-finalists will be selected by mid-November. The program committee reviewed the 2000 applications of semi-finalists and narrowed it down to 250 applications by the end of the month. Then winner scholars are selected and announced after regional interviews.


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