Clicks online job application in South Africa (Quick Guide)

With 702 stores and dispensaries, Clicks has become South Africa’s leading pharmacy retailer. Clicks’ pharmaceutical supply chain is widely spread all over South Africa. Their work all these years has opened many job opportunities for the people of South Africa. Clicks offer internships, high-quality jobs, and leadership. In this article, we’ll look at how you can find your dream job at Clicks and get settled a great deal.

Who is eligible for the Clicks Online Application?

Clicks hire their employees according to the primary recruitment process. The job opportunities are available at their online portal, and anyone can try their luck with eligibility. So, read further to know Clicks’ online application’s eligibility criteria and see yourself associated with a prestigious name.

  • Know what job designation suits you the most. Don’t blindly apply for all the positions. 
  • Once selected, visit Clicks’ official website to know if they are searching for employees for a similar position.
  • It is mandatory to have a South African ID to apply at Clicks if you find your preferred position.
  • Clicks are very disciplined about their working hours. So, potential employees must be able to work during retail hours. It includes working at weekends and holidays. 
  • Applicant must be eligible to have qualified 12th standard.
  • Remember that your application will go through verification checks. 

You can submit your application if you qualify for all these criteria.

What are the application requirements?

application requirements

Clicks regularly update regarding the open positions on their official website. Therefore, aspiring candidates must keep a check on them. Working with Clicks can help you grow professionally and mentally if you aspire to build a career in Pharmacy. 

All jobs have specific application requirements that applicants must qualify for selection. The same tradition goes for Clicks. Therefore, aspiring candidates must pay attention to some of the application requirements.

  • Candidates must be South African and should have a South African ID.
  • They should not have criminal or credit records in the past.
  • The minimum academic qualification is a 12th pass.
  • Be flexible with timings. At Clicks, employees should be flexible to work weekends and public holidays. 

Check your dream position and eligibility criteria, thoroughly review your application and submit. 

How to apply for clicks online job application in South Africa?

apply for clicks online job

To begin with, the aspiring candidate’s first responsibility is to check whether their preferred position is available or not. If yes, then narrow all their eligibility criteria. Then, once everything seems well, go ahead to apply at the fulfilling company.

  • Go to the Clicks Career page to look for all the job roles they offer. 
  • Login to the website and make sure to enter the correct details. Skip this process if you are already registered at Clicks.
  • Once the personal and professional details are updated, attach your latest CV. 
  • Before clicking on submit, review your application.
  • Tap on ‘Submit.’ 
  • If your application gets shortlisted by Clicks, they will provide you with an application form for further verifications.

You can expect a response in 30 days. However, if, after 30 days, you don’t hear anything back from Clicks, then there is a possibility that your application was rejected. 

Job benefits:

Clicks, South Africa’s renowned retail store that focuses on health and beauty, provides fulfilling employment opportunities to the people. Interested candidates must expect excellent career growth at Clicks. Here are some of the benefits that an employee achieves by working at Clicks:

  • Medical cover: The employees are benefited from healthy medical bodies and store discounts. They also get maternity leave, paternity leave, and retirement funds. 
  • Work recognition: You get ample performance-related benefits if you excel at work. The company provides additional bonuses to such employees.
  • Development: The team at Clicks focuses on driving the best from their employees and, thus, supports their talent. It helps build their vision and achieve leadership goals.


Are clicks hiring?

Clicks is a reputed health retail store that provides plenty of employment opportunities. In addition, they regularly update the open positions on their official websites under the ‘Career’ section.

How many do click’s employees earn?

The salary range of the employees at Clicks varies from designation. An average Clicks employee earnsR 3 651 per month, whereas a shop assistant earns R 13 473 per month. Additional benefits accompany the salary.

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