Chipper cash App: How to USE it? Is It SAFE?

What is Chipper cash app?

With Chipper cash, you can transfer funds easily across your country borders. Almost three million people are already sending money to different countries easily. It is reducing the walls within the African subcontinent by helping easy money transfers across nations.

How to Chipper cash app download?

Chipper cash app

Download Chipper app now. The app is available in Google Play Store and Apple appstore. Just open these stores, punch the app name in the Search box, and click on the Install tab.

How to use Chipper cash app?

The transactions are free of cost, even across borders. Exchange rates are roughly set at 1% to 6%.

  1. After downloading the app, you need to create an account using the 6-digit code that will come to your mobile number.
  2. To add cash press on the Add Cash tab and connect your mobile money account to the Chipper Cash app.
  3. If you wish to send money, choose the recipient, and then add the receiver’s mobile money number.
  4. Notifications can be set for your account, and you can receive every transaction detail through SMS.


  1. You can not only send money but also receive money easily by using the app.
  2. Money transfer requires no special fee.
  3. Earn cash back and discounted time
  4. Shop online and even earn with the app in your hand.

Chipper cash app referral code

Here is what you need to do to earn a referral code.

  1. Press the Earn tab and click on the Share Link-Earn money tab.
  2. Choose the medium through which you want to share the link.
  3. Next, choose the contact with whom you wish to share the link.

Chipper cash app review

The app is rated at 4.3 across both the major app stores. Once you start using the app, you will be able to gauge its usefulness. Not only transferring money but occasionally earning money is possible through this app. If you go by the functionalities of the app, it can safely be rated at 4.0 and above.

Is chipper cash app safe?

Yes, the app is very safe to use. The app is regularly maintained from the back end, and every effort is taken to keep the app a secure site to carry out your transactions.


If you wish to find a way to remain connected to your people across different countries of Africa, you can use this app. Transacting money is fee-free with this app. Briskly walk through the app with this small guide created for you.

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