How to App Download For iOS & MAC [2022]?

What is app? is an internet chess server. It also hosts an internet forum and also a social networking site. It has a free site and also a premium version. Several of its features are available for the free version users and there are several others locked with the premium feature options.

You can practice with the free version and it’s always the player versus the AI. Apart from that you can also put up a computer analysis, arrange and solve chess puzzles and also get a hand on the teaching resources which can help you learn the game as you play around it.

How to app download? App

 Downloading the app is possible through the official app stores.

  1. app for ios

Downloading the app on your iOS device is possible if you can simply visit the Apple appstore. Once you get the app, you can simply click on the Get button and wait for the installation to happen.

  1. app for mac

Simply download the app from the iTunes store or the Apple appstore.

Now, once you find the app from the appstore you need to download it as you download it on any of the iOS devices.

How to app play online?

To play chess online, this is what you need to do.

  • Go to on the online browser.
  • You can see an option of play online.
  • Click on that tab which takes you to the next screen.
  • You have a few options to choose from- beginner, new to chess, intermediate and advanced options.
  • You could either choose to play as a guest or you could sign up.
  • If you have an account you can also log in.
  • You’d be taken to the screen where you can play the game.


Does chess com have an app? has an app for all possible devices and operating systems. It works on Android, iOS devices, Mac, and also on Windows. 

What is the best app to learn to play chess? is the best app to learn to play chess. Use it to learn the game for yourself.

Which online chess app is best? is the best place to start playing the game.

Can you use chess com for free?

Yes, you use the freemium option of


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