How to Install Chennai Bus App [How to use & Features Guide]?

What is Chennai bus app?

The Chennai bus app by the government is one of the coolest new additions and is the first of its kind where all the government buses are mapped inside the app. GPS-enabled bus services will ensure immediate tracking of a bus by a person who wants to board it. Immediately after its release, people started downloading the app to their devices.

The Chennai bus app by the government was released by the transport minister of Chennai that will help passengers track the metropolitan transport corporation (MTC). The app is supposed to have an SOS button which will allow passengers to send SOS information to the citizens.

It is part of a live bus route tracking project and going forth all MTC buses will have a GPS for ascertaining the real-time location of the bus at any location. It will also show the arrival and departure times of these MTC buses from every station in between.

Chennai bus app

How to download Chennai bus app?

The downloading of the Chennai bus app by the government is possible on Android as well as iOS devices. The app will be first available on Android phones. You can also download the app apk from several third party app providers. But the most reliable sources are Google Playstore and Apple appstore. In the beginning, the app will be available to Android users, as per the government.

For Android

Android devices can use Google Play to download the Chennai bus app.

  • Go to the Android Google Play app.
  • Click on the Install tab to start the download and installation process.
  • Wait for some time until the Chennai app download is completed.

For iOS

Apple devices can use the Apple platform to download the Chennai bus app.

  • Move to the Apple appstore.
  • Search for the Chennai bus app and then click on the Get button.
  • Complete the download and wait for the installation to get over.

How to use Chennai bus route app?

Once the Chennai bus app by the government is downloaded, you have time to explore its working.

  1. With an SOS button, you can inform your family or friends if you are in danger.
  2. Using the trip planner option, you can know the route numbers, bus numbers, and other details about your chosen bus. Once you know it, you can plan your journey easily without having to make calls and remaining confused.
  3. Once you know a bus route number and enter it in the bus route segment, all buses operational between one and the other destination will be immediately visible.
  4. Users can also click on the stop option to decide their arrival and departure.
  5. Buses parked at the terminus can also be identified.


Certain highlighted features of the app have gained prominence over other features. Several essential distinct features might be important about the app.

  • Trip planner
  • Bus route
  • Bus route number
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Nearby bus stops

Chennai bus app launched date

The Chennai bus app by the government was launched on 4th May 2022 by the Tamil Nadu Transport Minister SS Sivasankar.


There are 602 routes and 3233 buses under MTC. Rating in Google Playstore is 3.8 and Apple appstore is 3.7. People have ever since loved the app and they want to use it for their planning. People are quite excited about the Chennai bus app by the government.

How people rated its different services of the Chennai bus app by the government is being highlighted below.


Customer service number

The bus app is one of the best devices for the people of Chennai. The inquiry number for the Chennai bus app is 944 501 4450.


The Chennai bus app by the government is an innovation and is made to streamline bus services while booking tickets. With this bus app, people can plan their journeys better between different destinations within Chennai.

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