How to change registered mobile number in ICICI bank?

A lot of functionalities are made available through the iMobile app of ICICI for their customers. However, changing your registered mobile number through the iMobile app is still not available with them.

For changing your registered mobile number, you still have to either visit a branch or an ICICI ATM.

You can even mail them if you want or use the internet banking facility to change your mobile number. You can though view the registered number as it is through the use of the app.

how to change registered mobile number in icici bank

How to Change Mobile Number in ICICI Bank through ATM?

To alter the mobile number through an ICICI bank ATM take these steps.

  • Swipe the ATM in any ICICI ATM branch and add your PIN.
  • From the More Services option, choose the registered mobile number option.
  • Add your new number in the space provided. Choose Yes to answer the question that asks you if you want to change your mobile number.
  • Now add the new mobile number again and choose the Yes option.
  • A printed message from the ATM can be requested. It states the mobile number change would reflect in your account within 2 days.

How to change the Number in ICICI Bank through email?

Changing mobile numbers by sending them a mail is the easiest process. All you need to do is type in a mail to [email protected], stating the request. Specify clearly your new and old mobile number. Within 2 working days, your change would reflect in your account.

Steps to Change mobile Number through ICICI online Banking?

To alter the mobile number through online banking, here are your steps.

  • Log in to the app with the same username and password you use for logging into your internet portal.
  • From the Menu list, choose the Services option and from there the Instabanking services option.
  • Once you click on update your registered mobile number, you will get an OTP in your old registered mobile number.
  • Enter that OTP and then proceed to change your old mobile number incorporating your new number.

How to update mobile number in icici bank credit card?

If you have changed your mobile number for your account, the change will automatically reflect even in your credit card. There is no separate process for your credit card with regards to a change in the mobile number. If the new mobile number is not reflecting in your credit card after the 2-day window, mail the ICICI bank stating the same.


Can i Change Mobile No. in ICICI Bank Through SMS?

Information related to account transactions and OTPs is sent to your registered mobile number each time you operate the account. Security of your account is crucial for the bank. Therefore only four standard ways are permitted for requesting registered mobile number change- internet, ATM, bank branch visit, & email to the banking officials.


Changing the registered mobile number is a secure process. The bank does not want to take any risk in this regard. Thus, the way one can change the number is restricted only to one of the four methods- email, ATM, online, and straight from the branch.

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