How to change app icons in ios 14-iPhone (App icons aesthetic)?

How to customize app icons ios 14?

Recently, apple has added widget option in iOS 14. Because of this feature, you can beautifully customize your homescreen with widgets. You can also use third party app like widget smith app to add widget easily.

And, if you are bored with the default icons of apps then there is good news for you, you can also customize the icon in iOS 14. If you don’t know how to change app icons iphone ios 14.

Don’t worry. In this article, I will tell you how do you change app icons and also ios 14 home screen ideas. Read this article to the end carefully.

ios 14 app icons aesthetic

Adding custom icon can completely change the looks of your homescreen. You can add icons that you like, you can replace them time to time to get a fresh and newly look of homescreen.

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How to edit app icons ios 14

Below, I have shared ios 14 how to change app icon. Follow the steps.

1. First click on the shortcut app and open it.

2. On the upper rigght side, you will see ‘+’ sign. Click on it.

3. Then Tap on Add Action

4. You will see search bar above the screen, search for Open App

5. Now, you will see open app below, Tap on it

6. Now, Click on Choose button

7. Now, Again, you will see search bar, you have to search for the app, you want to change icon

8. Select the searched app

9. Now, Click on the three dot on the upper right side

10. Click on Add to Home screen

11. Now, you will see new shortcut below. Tap on it. You will see drop down menu

12. Now select the photo, you want to use as icon.

13. In the text field, you can also change the name of the app

14. Click on add button.

15. Now, tap done button, your shortcut will be created.

ios 14 app icons aesthetic

icons aesthetic are the image that you are going to apply on your apps icon.

Black and white app icons ios 14

black and white aesthetic are in great trend. People are looking for it because it gives a classic look.

ios 14 home screen ideas

Apart, from all these, you can also try grey, green aesthetic, red app icons, pink app icons etc to give unique look to your homescreen.

This is all about How to change app icons ios 14 (iphone). Hope you learned something from this article. If you have any query comment down.

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