How to Install App? Check How to use & Features [2022]

What is app?

The app is nothing but the Padhai Tunhar Duwar app developed by the MP government for their students and teachers. Each of their students can use the app to find their course related videos and other study materials.

It is known as a student convenience app built to make life more convenient for the students. The app works both online and even offers courses and video materials offline. The app allows students to download the content whenever they have internet to later use the content.

How to download cg school app?

It is always better to download videos from the official appstore of Google and Apple. Even though the app is available even on various third party apk stores, it is better to not try to deviate from official sites as long as the app is available in the official app stores.

For Android

The app is available on Google Playstore for Android users. To download the app, you must visit the appstore. After searching for the app by typing its name, click on the install button to download the app.

Wait for the installation and downloading of the app and once done, register with the app.

For iOS

The app is not available in Apple appstore for iOS devices.

How to use app?

To use the app, you will have to register with their app after installation.
  • Once you are in the website, click on the Register tab for new registration and there are three sections- student and teacher registration along with forgot password link.
  • Select the category of student or teacher, and then next, choose your education as school or college.
  • Enter your mobile number and then select your district from the district options available.
  • Choose your address with the correct information and input your address with the right information.
  • Enter your password and then counter-verify it, press on the Submit tab to enroll.
  • Use your mobile number and login password then access your data available from the CG portal.


The several features of the app include;

  • Textbooks are available in PDF format inside the CGschool app.
  • You can find audio, video, and image format of several important topics.
  • With the app, you can also find different assessment exercises to assess your knowledge and learning.
  • It is a user-friendly app that is easy to learn and the web portal is completely in Hindi.


The reviews for the CGschool app are quite good for Android users and the app has garnered some very good reviews within this short span.

The reviews are mostly from children and teachers. Even parents are really happy with the app and even the website portal.


Follow this article to know more about the app’s registration process plus other miscellaneous information about it.

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