Apply for sc/st/obc Caste certificate Online in West Bengal

what is online application?

Caste certificates are mandatory in the country. They are often used to categorize a particular family or individuals. Caste certificates are provided by the block offices of a particular district under a state in India. But collecting it from such offices was always a cumbersome affair

Therefore, every state is now going online in this matter. Even West Bengal has launched its online portal wherein you can easily collect your caste certificate. You can apply and download your caste certificate directly from the going forth online.

caste certificate online apply in west bengal for sc/st/obc certificate

How to caste certificate online apply in West Bengal?

The process in which you can apply for a caste certificate in West Bengal online by following the steps given below;

  • Visit the backward class welfare department website and then from the main page select the tab that specifies SC/ST/OBC certificate.
  • Check the online application form and fill it up correctly.
  • Once you have filled the application form, you can save it.
  • On the next page you are expected to fill in specific details like your Voter ID, and tag along with your photo identity and age proof.
  • Upload a copy of the same ID proofs in the space provided. You will have to update age proof, Photo ID, Citizenship proof, and a document that determines your relationship with the candidate if the candidate directly does not fill in his details.
  • Now, click on Submit and you’re done with the application process.


The application requirements for SC/ST/OBC would include the following;

  • Ration card must be added to the application.
  • Income and birth certificate are a must.
  • Aadhar cards and voter ID cards are also essential.
  • The identity details of the applicant must be added during the process of application.
  • Panchayat or municipal certificates must be attached.
  • If any of the family members has a caste certificate, then that too can serve as proof of caste.

How to check application for sc/st/obc certificate STATUS?

One can easily check the caste application certificate status from the backward class welfare department website online.

  • Click to view the status of the application from the home page.
  • Now, add the application number provided to you at the end of the application form completion.
  • Click on the search tab to know more about your application status.

How to Download sc/st/obc certificate?

To download the certificate, fill in the application number on the application status page. 

  • After adding the application number, if you get a message that your certificate is ready, click on it.
  • You will be given an option to either download the application form or share it.
  • Use one of the methods to procure your caste certificate from the site.


Caste certificates are mandatory for jobs, education, and even loan applications. If you wish to apply for a caste certificate in West Bengal, you must read this article to ascertain you can apply for the certificate. Once you have collected all the required documents, do go ahead and apply for them.


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