How to Earn with Cash Magnet App & Withdraw Money?

Cash Magnet app is an Android application that helps people earn some fast cash for themselves. The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and is available free of cost.

Cash Magnet App

Basically, this app is an advert-based application that automatically searches for online ads, clicks on them on your behalf automatically, and then generates revenue.

Out of this, the app helps the smartphone user to earn some fast cash for running the application.

Cash Magnet App reviews


  • The best part about this app is that it collates all the awesome rewards programs at one place.
  • Users don’t need to spend their valuable time on this application as the app is self-sufficient.
  • Users are not needed to click or watch ads or play games.
  • The app claims to be absolutely safe & Legit and the user’s data is not at risk. Thus, this is one of the best apps to generate passive income using your smartphone.

Cash Magnet app is compatible only on Android and not iOS. It requires Android 4.1+ to function. The app interface is user-friendly and offers customer support via chat/email/ Facebook.

How to Download Cash Magnet app on Android?

Though the Cash Magnet app download is directly possible from the Play Store for Android smartphones, people can also choose to download the app from third-party sites like APKPure.

Users can click the provided link and then hit the download APK button provided on the site.

Before installing the APK file, they can go to their smartphone’s Settings to allow “app installation from unknown sources.”

Post this, they can run the file to install the app on their phone to earn some fast bucks and rewards.

How does Cash Magnet app work?

The app basically utilizes the user’s smartphone and internet connectivity to open the online adverts and click upon them automatically.

All users need to do is download the application, signup, and then click a few buttons. The rest is taken care of by the app. The app works like a bot or a script. Sometimes, the app can also download gaming apps from the Play Store.

How to Use Cash Magnet app?

All you have to do is download the CashMagnet from Play Store and sign up using your Gmail id. Then open the app and click on ads to generate rewards or earn some fast bucks. 

How to EARN MONEY from Cash Magnet app?

After connecting the app with the internet service, one user can earn up to $60 per month as per their official website information. But if one user is using the app on one smartphone, then they earn around $15 a month.

For $60 the app needs to run on four smartphones as per user reviews. Users can also get one dollar after collecting 1000 points. Alternatively, they can also refer their friends and family to get a referral bonus.

How to REDEEM my Earned points?

Points can be redeemed anytime for PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Play Store, Playstation, Steam Gift Cards from the Rewards Page.


The Cash Magnet app has a 9.2-star rating on the APKPure site. Users have found this app useful and therefore given positive reviews.

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