Why is my Bitcoin deposit on Cash App under review? BTC deposit

Cash app bitcoin under review

Cash app bitcoins when transacted might show under review status.

  1. Primarily, certain transactions too large are often randomly or collectively reviewed to ensure the right data is being sent to the IRS.
  2. If you have not incorporated the amount that goes as fees to the Cash app, might put your transaction under review.
  3. If you are a first time user, you must accept it manually and till you do so, it can show a pending status.

Cash app BTC deposit under review

Cash App under review

If you wish to deposit BTC, then your transaction can come under review. It is one of the two messages that can flash on the Cash app after BTC transactions with the other one being the completed status.

Relatively large bitcoin transactions might be placed under review to authenticate their transfer. Additionally, sometimes the transactions are checked to analyze if there is a breach of their policies and programs in any way.

Why is my Bitcoin deposit on Cash App under review?

The most general reason your bitcoin deposit is under review is concerned with the amount of inappropriate fee deposition in review. If there is a large transaction being made from your account, then there is a chance there will a review of the transaction. If some violation of Cash app rules and regulations is suspected with the app even then Cash app can review it.

How long does it take to verify Bitcoin on Cash App?

It can sometimes take up to days to verify the amount. Mostly, regular reviews are completed within 12 hours from the time you made the transaction.

Why is my Cash App Bitcoin pending?

The pending status could be attributed to a simple review or, it could be a thorough review of some sort put in place to study if a breach or violation is underway. Cash app bitcoin transfers, when made in large amounts can welcome a review.

If you have crossed the regular daily and weekly bitcoin transaction limits, then you can also be facing a pending Bitcoin transaction issue.

When bitcoin transactions are done to mail IDs or phone numbers that are not registered with the Cash app, you can get your transaction under review.


Pending status does not mean your transaction will be rejected or declined. It simply means that they are manually checking your transactions. Manual checking is essential for the Cash app to understand there is no violation of terms and conditions.

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