How to Find Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address [Complete Guide]?

Here’s some good news for you. The app you use frequently for sending and receiving money and you trust with all your heart, is ready to offer you more features. Yes, we are talking about the P2P payment platform– Cash App. While the world is already crazy about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin leads the list, Cash App could not stay detached from it for long. 

If you are interested in Bitcoin transactions and want to be involved in it then you don’t need to go anywhere because the app brought it for you. You can send, receive, deposit, buy and sell bitcoins through this app. Although it can do all the basic things like any trustable cryptocurrency platform, you cannot expect advanced features like those full-fledged apps. Before you start with it you should know all about the cash app BTC wallet address. Fortunately, we have covered all the details about Cash App Bitcoin address in this blog so don’t forget to give this a mindful reading.

What is a cash app Bitcoin wallet Address?

cash app bitcoin wallet address

Cash App has a special feature of a Bitcoin wallet which can hold some amount of Bitcoin and use it for further transactions whenever you want. Every user has a certain address for their Bitcoin wallet which is known as the bitcoin address cash app. It contains a long series (13) of numbers and letters. It looks such that you cannot memorize it after reading it for the first time.

Additionally, the wallet address helps you to get coins from a third party into your account. After you receive the coins in your wallet, it’s your choice whether you want to hold it, send it or convert it. Note that the wallet address does not remain the same but it keeps on changing for each deposit. It is kept for one-time use only. In case your address does not update with a deposit, then there might be some problem.

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How to find Cash app bitcoin wallet address?

Working on a Bitcoin wallet and transaction is not as easy as you find in other full-fledged cryptocurrency apps like Exodus and Electrum. This is because the interface can be a bit tricky for you. You can find the wallet address for the bitcoin cash app by the following steps.

  • Launch the Cash App on your device. It can be your android phone or iPhone. In case of PCs, you need to go to the official website.
  • Next head to the Banking Tab by clicking on the house button.
  • Click Bitcoin.
  • Click Deposit Bitcoin.

This step will display your latest wallet address. In case you cannot see the updated address, then try using a different wallet that is compatible and operating with the app. You can check it on their Terms of Services.

How to get the bitcoin wallet address?

Your cash app bitcoin address changes every time you want to deposit coins. However, you can get the address on your cash app by following the steps mentioned above. In case you are not getting the updated address then try some other options which operate well with the cash app.

How to use Cash app bitcoin wallet address?

You can use your bitcoin wallet address for withdrawing or receiving coins. 

  • Start with opening the cash app on your phone and go to the home screen.
  • Find My Cash.
  • Now you will see Bitcoin which will show you the total balance. Tap on it.
  • Go to the Withdraw Bitcoin button.
  • Next, you need to enter the amount you wish to transfer through BTC. 
  • Here you will be needing your wallet address. You can enter it manually or scan its QR code.
  • Finally, put your PIN to confirm. You can also use your fingerprint to do so.

You can also use the wallet address for receiving Bitcoin in your wallet.

  • Go to the app and open the Bitcoin tab.
  • Click on the Airplane symbol.
  • Find the Deposit Bitcoin button and tap on it.
  • Share your Bitcoin address or its QR code to the person who is sending you coins. 

How to change Bitcoin wallet address on Cash app?

Your bitcoin address cash app does not remain the same but keeps on changing. It will change every time you want to deposit some coins into your wallet. It’s for one-time use only so you can relate it with OTP. Just like you get OTP for the first time and then it is of no use similarly your wallet address won’t work for your next deposit even though you know it. 

When you click on Deposit Bitcoin, your wallet generates stems. It occurs via some extended public key. Whenever your account senses incoming money, your new wallet address is ready to be displayed and work. It’s important to know that you cannot change your cash app BTC wallet address by yourself or you cannot set it up with your wish, it’s the cash app that decides which address will be given to you. You can only request it to display the address. 

For this, head to Cash App Homescreen < Banking Tab < Bitcoin < Deposit Bitcoin. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the cash app have a bitcoin Wallet address?

The cash app offers a unique bitcoin wallet address to every user who has a verified cash app account. This wallet address includes numbers and letters in a random manner. You can get your wallet address on the app by going to the Banking Tab and bitcoins section. You can request an updated address for each deposit by clicking just one button. You don’t need this address for sending bitcoins but for receiving and depositing coins, it’s mandatory.

Does the Cash app bitcoin wallet address change?

Yes, the Bitcoin wallet address changes with every deposit. Earlier it remained the same for all transactions which gave birth to a lot of scams and illegal activities. Anyone can track your transaction history through the address so it’s better to get an updated one for each transaction. It keeps your bitcoin wallet safe and private. You can get your changed address by clicking on Deposit Bitcoin every time. There is nothing to hide in your address so you can share it with the person who wants to send you bitcoins.

Cash app bitcoin wallet address keeps changing?

Cash app bitcoin wallet address keeps changing for all the right reasons. It is possible to track your previous transactions using your wallet address and anyone in public can do that. Since your address keeps changing now, it’s hard for them to track your transaction. Therefore, your account details and transaction history remains safe and private to you until you want to share them with someone.

Is cash app a good bitcoin wallet?

If you trust Cash app for transactions you can trust its bitcoin wallet too. You can trust it for buying, selling, and holding your BTC for smaller amounts. It works like any other major crypto wallet. Nonetheless, if you plan to hold larger amounts of bitcoins for ample time then you should turn to a more reputable wallet that focuses on it solely. In terms of privacy, it works well by keeping your details secure and is also quick in functioning. 


This is all about Cash app bitcoin wallet address. You can trust and try it once. If you want more information about this topic, we will love to help.

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