Best Carb Manager App for iPhone & Android: How does it Work?

What is carb manager app?

The Carb Manager: Keto Diet App is the ultimate app for those who want to go on a keto diet. It has been rated 4.8 stars in iPhone and 4.7 stars in Android. The app is basically free to use but it has some in-app purchases.

The app is a comprehensive keto diet management app that keeps a count of the net and total carbs, maintains a daily log of nutrition and fitness, and offers a calculator to set net macros and weight loss goals. Besides this, the app helps to obtain nutrition information about the logged data whenever users need it. The app offers the following features:

  • Lose weight 
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Optimize energy
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Restore balance
  • Manage blood glucose
  • Build muscles
  • Manage sleep
best carb manager app android ios

How to use the carb manager app?

You can download the Android or iOS app or use the web app to begin your keto diet journey. Creating an account is easy with your email id and then you can use the app to reduce weight, manage glucose, or build muscles.

It is possible to create a free account. You will also be needed to provide a few basic details about yourself like your weight, age, sex, height

How does the carb manager app work?

The app works for everyone and helps to track every bite you take, log food and meals quickly, get carb counts, micros, and macronutrients. It also helps to generate personalized meal plans, grocery lists, etc.

You can refer to the keto meal plans and recipes from the app’s database and achieve your weight management or other health-related goals seamlessly. The app can also provide advanced health metrics, and track ketones, blood glucose, carbs, glycemic load, GKI, and much more. 

How to install the best carb manager app for android?

You can download the app directly from Google Play and install it on your Android smartphone.

How to download the best carb manager for iPhone?

You can install the Carb Manager app on your iPhone from the App Store. Click on the Get button and provide your fingerprint or Apple password to authorize the installation of the app.


Which is the best carb manager app?

Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Fasting Application by Wombat Apps LLC is the no. 1 low-carb and keto diet app; however, there are other apps like Keto Diet Tracker, Total Keto Diet, and Senza. 

How much does the app cost?

The basic app is free to use; however, certain premium features like premium recipes, automatic food logging, fasting app, sleep tracker, and voice logging can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Does the app worth it?

Yes, the Carb Manager app is worth giving a shot at because of its excellent features. You can get results in as little as three weeks.

Does carb manager work with apple watch?

Yes, you can integrate the app with devices like Apple Health and Google Fit. It can also be connected with other apps like Fitbit, Garmin, etc.

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