How to cancel Processing Payment in Phonepe (2024)?

Phonepe is an Indian initiative that has sprung into the market quite well. For the record, it is among the most used app for transactions in India and has about 35 Crore active users both on Android and iOS. The fairly intuitive user interface, and moreover the deals and paybacks, coupons, etc that we get on the Phonepe is pretty remunerative. All in all, it makes a great choice for users.

How to cancel Processing Payment in Phonepe?

cancel payment in phonepe

While carrying out transactions, there are often some unfortunate incidents that take place. At times, we either send the wrong amount to a receiver or send the amount to the wrong recipient. In this case, there is no getting back.

Once you have debited the amount from your account and Phonepe has started processing the transaction, the transaction can not be canceled as these are all quick processes, and occur literally in seconds. While Phonepe makes sure to ask you several times before you process the final transaction and asks to enter the pieces of the information correctly, once they have started the processing, it cannot be undone.

payment in phonepe


What to do if payment is processing in phonepe?

When you give permission to the app to initiate a transaction, you just have to wait for a while for it to process, and generally, it is done in a few seconds. Sometimes, the processing takes longer than usual. 

It is either your internet connection that is poor or your bank servers are busy. In scenarios like this, the processing gets failed and no amount is deducted from your account. Even if there is a deduction, it will get reverted back to your account soon.

Can you cancel a Phonepe payment that is processing?

Unfortunately, you can not cancel a payment that is already processed. Phonepe is an application used to make transactions quickly. So, when it is processing, the sail is out of your hands. 

If the payment transaction is successful, the money will be debited from the account. Fortunately, in any case, if the payment gets canceled anyhow, then the money will remain in the account…. Sigh of relief, isn’t it?

Why does Phonepe show processing?

Phonepe shows processing when you have initiated the transaction and phonepe is getting ready with all the necessities to carry out the transaction and send the money to the said account. The small gap of time it takes is generally marked by ‘processing’.

How do I cancel the pending UPI transaction?

The straight answer is you can not cancel a pending UPI transaction on Phonepe once it is done. The amount is already debited from your account and kept on an intermediate medium, and then transferred to the said account when scheduled. Only if the transaction has failed, you get back your amount to your account.

How long does it take to get a refund from phonepe?

You can get a refund from Phonepe if a transaction has failed, and the amount has got debited from your account. In such a case, you should contact Phonepe Customer care and get done with the things they ask you to do. It is not much of a hassle though even if you don’t call them for help. 

On average, Phonepe takes 2-4 business days to refund the money, but the max limit is 7-9 business days.

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