How to Install Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 | Check Release Date

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 12:46 pm

I will tell you How to Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 app Download. The call of duty season mobile season 10 is the upgraded version of call of duty season 10 which was released on October 21 at 5 PM PT.

Call of duty season 10 has some cool brand new updates that includes both free and premium items such as new operators, new functional weapons, a vacant map, COD points, blueprints of weapons and much more. This ensures a better experience of the game and makes it more exciting for all the call of duty mobile players.

As Christmas is around the corner, the new season is featured with the latest themes, maps, and characters with new skins.

What is the release date of call of duty mobile season 10?

call of duty download jio phone

The Call of Duty Mobile season 10 went live on November 17, 2021 at 4 PM PT.  Now the Cod season 10 Shadows return is available around the world for the players with some upgrades in the game.

Also Check:- How to Get Medals in Call of Duty?

How to earn a berserker medal in call of duty mobile?

There are so many medals available in the cod mobile. Besides, the requirements to achieve the medals are different for all the medals.

The Berserker medal is also one of them and it is a type of kill streak medal that can only be earned if a player gets three kills without dying.

Moreover, if you have unlocked the camo of melee weapons, it may become easy for you to get triple kills.

However, here are some steps that you can follow to achieve the berserker medal easily:

  1. First, you need to choose multiplayer mode with your squad.
  2. Start the game after choosing a map.
  3. You may use Sentry gun or VTOL to quickly get three kills.
  4. Avoid uncovered fights and always cover at the time fights.

How to get a ruthless medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Ruthless medal is also a killstreak medal that is available in the multiplayer category of the Cod mobile. To get this medal, a player have to kill 15 enemies consecutively without getting killed.

Here is a tip, you can use high-tier guns and granades to maximise the number of kills in the single match.

How to get a bloodthirsty medal in Call of Duty Mobile?

The Bloodthirsty medal in the Cod mobile is also based on the kills you get in a match. Besides, it is a killstreak medal so a player is supposed to get specific number of kills. So, you need to get five kills without dying to achieve bloodthirsty medal.

This one also falls in the category of multiplayer mode, that means you need to select multiplayer mode to earn a bloodthirsty medal.

Here are some tips:

  1. Choose the weapon wisely.
  2. Do not stay at one place, keep yourself moving when needed.
  3. Use the drones in the multiplayer mode.

Call Of Duty Mobile Game

It is a sniper game. It has so many modes that you can choose and play. Each mode has its own specialty. It has advanced weapons that will give you a game pleasure. Best game to apply planning and strategies. It will give a realistic feeling.

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Call of Duty Mobile season 10 Download

This game season 10 recently arrives for the mobile users. Its size varies with device. So, you can easily install season 10 of call of duty easily in your phone.


Game Modes

There are total three modes in the game that you can play

  • Black Ops
  • Modern Warfare
  • Squad Up

Graphics & Sounds

This game provides you 3d graphics. The quality of the game is very high. This time no one wants to play a game with rough graphics. This is a digital world and technology is moving very fast. So, good graphics are very important. It gives us realistic feelings and our interest in the game is increased a lot.

Apart from graphics, the sound quality of the game is marvelous. The sound effects are great. Sound plays an important role in the game. It increases the fun of the game.


There are so many outfits that you are really going to love. You will never fill bore with playing with the same character. So, outfit plays an important part in the game. You can choose your gender.

Play Worldwide

You can play the survival match with up to 100 players. Play the squad up mode to make your squad and you can select players from all over the world. The reach of this game is worldwide.

This is all you read about Call of Duty Game for Jio users. If you have any questions, then comment below.

Thank you.

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