Caixabank app: How to use & Install the app on Android & iPhone?

The Caixa Bank app is one of the best bank apps helping its customers on the way. Would it be enough to say that the Caixa bank app has won the Bank Administration Institute award, the Banker award for the best technology project and the user experience award? This is proof that the app can be a wonderful addition to your kitty for solving all your financial and banking needs.

How to use Caixabank app?

Caixabank app

Once you download the app on your phone, you must use it in the following way.

  1. Create an account with your Caixabank app.
  2. Next, add your personal and bank account details into the space.
  3. Once done, you can view your account summaries and bills right here.
  4. With the app, you have the provision to create shortcuts for features that interest you most.
  5. Check your account balance right from your smartwatch or the phone widget you have.
  6. From Quickcuts access the features that you use maximally.
  7. Sending money is free of charge for your friends and to any other mobile number.
  8. You can pay easily using this app with Apple pay.

What are Caixabank App Features?

  1. Viewing bank accounts and transactions is easy with the app.
  2. Add credit, debit and pre-paid cards to your account
  3. Using Bizum and Apple Pay is easier with the app.
  4. With the app, you can easily save the amounts.
  5. Manage and request your fixed term savings
  6. Choose your loans and mortgages as well as insurance schemes through the app.
  7. The stock market can be analyzed using the app can be submitted with ease.
  8. With it, you can explore the nearest branches and ATMs.

How to install Caixabank app on Android & iPhone?

Use Google Playstore and Apple AppStore to get the app for your Android and iOS devices.

Conclusive thoughts

Many banks have introduced their apps and wallets like Caixabank. But when it comes to ease of use, flexibility, and such factors, the Caixabank app has the best suitability. If you are banking with Caixa, quickly read this blog to know how magnificent the app’s services are. Install the app and be free of worries that bother you. Multiple apps can be condensed to just one when you start using the Caixabank app.

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