How to Buy Real Instagram Followers From Growthoid [2024]?

What is Growthoid?

Growthoid is a potent organic growth tool for growing your Instagram profile manually. Growthoid is neither an automation tool nor a bot-based tool.

Instead, it increases the number of followers by targeting and continually engaging with accounts similar to your desired preferences. It is one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram followers, and it works very well for every type of accounts and their needs.

InCrease Insta Follwers Growthoid

With time, people have learned to desire quality over quantity on Instagram. When growing your account with Growthoid, you will have more engagement with similar accounts, and gain complete freedom from fake, inactive profiles or bots.

Whereas with various other automation tools, though your followers increase rapidly, yet the engagement ratio may not rise or increase in any which way.

How to buy followers from Growthoid?

The process of acquiring followers through Growthoid can be done following a few straightforward steps.

  1. Type in your browser.
instagram followers app

2. Once the site opens up, click on the red-coloured “Start my growth” button.

growthoid apk download

3. This step takes you to a page where you’d be asked to fill in your Instagram username and email account.

buy instagram followers 2021

4. After filling up the details press on the “Let’s get started” tab.

growthoid instagram followers free

5. It would further redirect you to a page where you would have to choose one of the two plans.

growthoid followers free instagram

6. Soon after the payments, your sign up is completed, and you are redirected to fill a form for your targeting instructions.

buy instagram followers likes

7. Within 24 hours from your registration, a dedicated accounts manager is assigned to you.

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Pricing structure

Below are the plans to choose from:

With a $49/ month plan (Standard) you can enjoy;

  • A moderate growth speed, 
  • A devoted account manager, 
  • An option for ten targets alongwith steady growth and 
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee.

With the $99 monthly plan, you additionally enjoy;

  • Maximum instead of moderate growth speed, 
  • A completely dedicated accounts team, 
  • Forty targets, 
  • A VIP email support, 
  • Priority onboarding, 
  • Advanced targeting, and 
  • An option for blacklisting followers.

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Is Growthoid Legit/safe?

Even though you share your Instagram login information with the team, it is still safe and 100% legitimate. Once they log in to your account, your account information is no longer available to anybody as they do not store your login details nor do they database it. You would be operating your account as you ordinarily did whereas they would be driving it from the backend to increase your followers.

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Growthoid Reviews

Growthoid does well in increasing the growth speed, quality of followers, and the support you receive. The followers through Growthoid increase with the increase in the quality of the content.

How to cancel Growthoid/Get Refund?

Growthoid is not free & guarantees a 14-day moneyback guarantee from your day of registration if you’re not satisfied with their services.

You can cancel anytime by writing them a mail since they have no contacts of any sort on any of their plans.

If you have any query comment below.

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