How to buy diamonds in ML using GCash (Complete Guide)?

Mobile Legends, commonly known as ML or MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), has set itself as one of the emerging multiplayer games on mobile devices. It is a multiplayer online battle arena where two teams take on each other. It is a traditional fight game where two teams compete against each other to dethrone their enemy and take control of their towers while protecting theirs. 

Diamonds in ML greatly help players take their fight to the next level.

Players can use diamonds to purchase several game entities and boost their gaming skills and winning percentage. Diamonds are the in-game currency users can use to purchase emotes, skins, their favorite heroes, weapons, etc. Besides daily rewards and game points, diamonds can be well used as an easy substitute to make purchases.  

If you can not wait for diamonds for so long, you can quickly buy them with real money. You can use GCash to buy diamonds for your account. These diamonds will be directly reflected in your official gaming account of Mobile Legends. You can then wisely use them to buy different gaming stuff for yourself.  To do so, follow the steps below:

diamonds in ML using GCash
  1. Launch the GCash application on your mobile device or open its software on your PC
  2. Click on View all GCash services
  3. Under Lifestyle & Shopping, click on the Shop Lifestyle option
  4. Enter your phone number

(Make sure you provide your active number, as you will receive a PIN to proceed ahead)

  1. Go to the Games Credit section and select the package you want to buy
  2. After selecting, click on Next, and now it is time to pay for your purchase
  3. Click on the Pay button to proceed with the transaction
  4. Follow the next prompts to complete the transaction

You will get instructions as an SMS to know how to redeem your coins and diamonds in the game. 

You can also use Codashop to buy diamonds using GCash.  Visit the Codashop website and proceed ahead by following the steps below:

  • Once you have opened the website on your browser
  • Provide your User ID
  • Select GCash as your payment option from the options available
  • Enter your email address so that you get your transaction slip for your purchase
  • Click on Buy and follow the instruction to make the purchase

Upon buying, the diamonds will get deposited into your account instantly. 

Codashop will help you distinguish between different packages and will help you to select the best-discounted package at the best rates. 

There are a few other methods to get diamonds without spending bucks. Getting these diamonds is very rare, but you can give it a try:

  • Watching Streams

The streaming community of Mobile Legends has a vast audience, and thus, many people interact with the streamers daily. In return, Streamers offer skins and various other giveaways to selected audiences. Hence, if you are interested in watching live streams on Mobile Legend, you can stand a chance to win prizes worth some diamonds.

  • Tournaments

The in-game community hosts various tournaments. If you are a pro player and think you can take over other players, compete in the tournament. It will help you win prizes and diamonds. 

  • Lucky Spin and rewards

You can participate in a lucky spin, which is available every 48 hours. The person topping the list gets elite gifts and gems, which they can exchange in return for top-tier skins and some cool weapons.

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Diamonds are so important when you are playing Mobile Legends. If you have diamonds loaded into your account, you are already a level up and ahead of others. Do not miss the chance of not having diamonds for your account. Purchase them today with GCash and make your gaming even more thrilling and fun.


Can you send your diamonds to your friends?

No, you can not send diamonds to your friend’s account. Once the diamonds are loaded into your account, you can not transfer them to any other account. If you wish your friend also gets the diamonds, you can recharge for the diamonds on their account instead of yours.

Can you earn diamonds for free?

You can earn prize money, gift hampers, rewards, and lucky coins via tournaments, lucky spins, giveaways, and by attending the live streaming on Mobile Legends.

What is BB coin?

BB coin is an in-game currency of Mobile Legends that the players can use to buy skins, player profile, their favorite heroes, and weapons, and unlock various other levels and adventures.

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