How to watch Movie on BS value OTT App? (A Quick Guide)

What is a BS value app?

Blacksheep or BS value is an app built for infotainment purposes. It works in conjunction with social media apps. It engages audiences from all categories since the app is being used by many for many different purposes.

It is the updated version of Smile Mixture and it aims for fun and entertainment.

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BS value owner details

Ramkumar RS is the owner of the BS Value app.

How to BS value OTT app download?

BS value OTT app can be downloaded most safely from the Google Playstore for Android devices and from the Apple appstore for iOS devices.

For Android devices refer to the Google Play Store, and click on the Install tab to get the downloaded app.

For the Apple app store, click on the Get button; leave your fingerprint or verify with the password to retrieve the details.

How to USE the BS Value app?

The BS Value OTT app is used for a large number of Tamil entertainment areas. There are subscription options and are valid for up to 1 year with the app. There are ideally 4 plans and you can choose any, as per your needs and pocket.

The account would be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the current period comes to an end.

Next, once you have downloaded the app, register for it and then sign in to get your movies or other programs or varieties that you want to indulge in at the moment.

Choose from any, and then select your program and then click on the play button.

If you’re charged for watching or downloading something, you will have to use your debit or credit card to pay for it, before you can watch it.

How to watch Methagu on a BS value App?

To watch Methagu on the BS Value app, you will have to follow the below steps.

– Log in to the app using your login username and password.

Once logged in go to the Search tab and type Methagu, the name of the film. Methagu is streaming high in every device since it is based on the life of LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. It talks about his works, his life, mostly told in a biographic manner and portrays a story that emerged out of his life.

– Next, since it is streaming only on chosen sites, one among which is the BS value app, hence you need to pay to watch the movie.

– The cost you need to pay is Rs. 70 if it is being downloaded by an Indian from India. A person downloading it from abroad needs to pay $5 for watching the movie.

– Click on the play button which will move you to the next screen wherein you’ll have to pay the amount using the common payment modes listed in the app like through the use of a debit or a credit card.

– Once the payment is done, you would be immediately directed to the platform back wherein you can watch the movie smoothly without interruption.

BS Value Subscription Plans?

The most popular plan for BS Value subscription is the Rs. 590 per year plan. With the plan, you get access to premium content, ad-free content services, and also come with a tree that comes with every subscription, planted in the name of the people who buy the subscription.

Can I use BS value online?

Yes, you can use the BS Value app or even their online services. It will allow you to use the online services easily.

This gives you access to the PC Version of the Blacksheep app. With it, you can download or watch short videos, vlogs, interviews, movies, music, Blacksheep originals, and some special series free of cost.

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