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Brylane Home credit cards are highly sought after for the exciting perks they bring to the table. The credit card does not ask for an annual fee if you want to take it. Rewards are on your platter each time you shop from them.

Not only that, you can shop from brands that allow the use of the Brylane Home credit card. You can try shopping from Jessica London, KingSize, Ellos, Woman Within, Roaman’, Swimsuits for all with the credit card at hand.

Every dollar value is a point when you shop from them. For every 200 points you collect, you will get a $10 reward card on it.

A few of its essential features are being tabulated for your review below.

LATE PAYMENT FEEIs up to $41  
INTEREST26.99% with a regular periodic rate of 0.07394%  

How to do Brylane Home credit card login?

To do a Brylane credit card login, you will need to add your username and password.

Once you have added your sign-in credentials, you will next need to click on the Sign-in tab.

brylanehome credit card
brylanehome card login online

If you do not possess an account with them, you must create one for yourself. To create an account, you must click on the Register Now tab.

When you click on the Register tab, you will have to fill in essential information like credit card number, ZIP or Postal code, identifying document type, and also its end 4 digits.

brylanehome card payment address

You must have your physical credit card with you before you think of creating your online credit card account.

Press the Find My account tab and once your account details are visible, try to complete your online account information. Once you have completed your online details, your account is all set to go.

How to Brylane Home credit card pay bill payment?

The Brylane Home credit card payment is facilitated both online and offline.

  • For making online payments, you must visit the Payment segment.
  • From there, move to the Pay Bill segment.
  • Add your bill details and current account details (including your routing number and current account number).
  • Press the Submit tab to complete the bill payment process and to allow it to pass through the payment gateway safely.

Late payment fees & Interest Rate

You will pay $30 if you are not charged anything in the previous six months and even this month. Pay $41 for those who are recurrently charged a fee.

The minimum interest rate is $2 and based on the variable APR 26.99% with a regular periodic rate of 0.07394%, you will be charged interest.

How to cancel Brylane Home Credit card?

To cancel the Brylane Home credit card, you must call the number present at the back of your Comenity credit card.

Card Benefits

Several benefits of the Brylane Home credit card are being mentioned below.

  • For every 400 points, you will earn a $10 reward.
  • A birthday coupon comes to you on your birthdays with 20% off on your special day on anything that you shop.
  • Plus, you earn double points during your birthday month.
  • Four times a year, you can earn free shipping.
  • The credit card is sans an annual fee and does not need any payments for owning it.

Customer Service Number

Of course, when you take a credit card, you might face millions of issues or problems that you are not capable of solving yourself. You must call customer service for help in such cases and thus call 1-800-544-37-93 for help anytime.

What is Brylane home credit card payment mailing address?

To reach them for your credit card bill through the mail, write to them at Brylane Homes Credit Card, P.O. Box 659728, San Antonio, TX, 78265-9728. Send a check or drop a money order with your bill details to the above address and you need not go online or call them up for payment clearances. It works great for those who are on a break outside the country.

What is Brylane home credit card Payment Phone Number?

If you want to pay via their phone services, you must call 1-888-621-38-09. Try to follow their prompts or reach out to a representative to complete your payment process.


If you have a Brylane Home credit card and you are worried about the credit card payment modes and even their online account registration process, read this article for more information.


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