How to useBrickit rebuild your lego app for Android, iOS?

Lego is an old game people played with paper bricks being a part of every household once. But with time, like every other game, even Lego bricks has received a push.

People can now use the real Lego bricks and use ideas from different apps to create the right designs. Brickit app is an amazing collection of designs that can be used for the same.

What is the Brickit app?

how to use brickit lego app for ios

If you have Lego bricks and then you need some help to unscramble them, you could try this brilliant Brickit app. It is built of a powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) app which uses your camera and then matches the images with its AI repository to rapidly create a scanning of your Lego bricks.

Once the scanning is complete then you can use these bricks to build whatever you like from the numerous suggestions you have in front of you from the app.

How to use the Brickit rebuild your lego app?

 To use Brickit, you’ll have to take the following steps.

  • You need to spread the Lego bricks on the floor.
  • Center your camera on them and soon the AI technology detects them and now you can start building.
  • At some point you can be guided by the app about the location of your exact matching brick from the pile.
  • Next to making the inventory, the app will designate a list of ideas that could use the bricks to create the design at your fingertips.
  • You can customize the build with different colors and if you can add your personal touch.
  • To start locating the pieces with your app, and keep building until you are done.

Brickit lego app features?

With the Brickit Lego app, several features are being given below.

– The app can give you new ideas every day when building with Lego bricks.

– Assembling step by step is easy once you have spotted your bricks and chosen the design. The app gives you plenty of time.

– The app can auto-locate the bricks you have.

– For ideas, you can also upload a photo if you already have a picture of an assembled structure.

How to install Brickit to rebuild your lego Android?

To use and download the app on your Android device, you’ll have to simply go to Google Playstore, and then you’ll have to click on the Install button.

Once the rolling wheel cycle appears, it means your app is downloading and simultaneously installing. Wait for some time and then log in to the app.

How to install Brickit on iOS?

For iOS, you can go to the Apple AppStore and then install the app on iOS devices.

Search for the app by typing the name of the app in the search bar and then select the one from many mentioned there.

Click on the Get button, fill in the right passcode or use your fingerprints to give access, and then wait for the installation to happen.

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