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Brain Out Level Answers:- Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named as Brain Out – Can you pass it? I will share its answers, hints, unlimited keys, etc.

You have never played an addictive android game like this. This game is best for the students.

With the help of this game, you can improve your Brain IQ, thinking capability, and much more. Make your brain sharp and cunning.

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Brain Out Game

brain out level answer

Brain Out Apk is one of the best addictive puzzle game. It is the same as the Stump Me game.

In this game, you will be asked creative questions in the form of pictures and you need to solve that question. The puzzle will be easy but tricky to use your mind and play wisely.

Don’t get into the game trap, in this game, the answer will look so easy but there is nothing like that so think unexpected answers.

All Level Solutions

There are so many different levels in the game.

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All Level 1 to 225

Brain Out Finding Santa All levels 1 to 10

Level 101 | Enter the biggest possible number

Watch the video

Level 102

The answer is 31181

Level 103

Put Your phone facing down and turn off screen light.

Level 104 Answer | Kill the nasty fly!

First, tap anywhere on the screen.
The fly will come to that place.
Then Kill the fly with your finger.

Level 105 Answer | Which is the cheapest?

Gamepad is the cheapest.

Level 106

The boy is dreaming.
Shake your phone to make him wake up.

Level 107 | Add 1 line to make this equation true

Drag the second plus sign below.
It will become 4.So, 5+545=550

Level 108

First, click on fruits from left to right.
Then click once on the yellow hexagon.
Now tap twice on the orange square because of diamond and square
are the same.

Level 109 Answer | Jack want to drink the Minute Maid

Shake your phone with touching the bottle.
Then give that orange bottle to Jack.

Level 110 | Which dream do you want to come true?

Click on all the options at the same time.

Level 111 | Click on the menu

There is a menu written on the bottom right side.
It is very light so watch carefully.

Level 112 | Open the box

Open the box with two fingers.
Use one finger for the lower part of the box.
And another finger for the cap of the box.
And separate them

Level 113 Answer | What’s the answer?

Just go with the flow If 1=5, 2=15, 3=215, 4=3215
Then 5=43215.

Level 114 | How many differences can you spot between two pictures?

There is a total of 8 differences in the pictures.

Level 115

Click on the blue button 10 times.
But it will show you 11 times.
Just to distract you.
Then click one time on red button.

Level 116 | Keep the balance balanced!

Remove both the balls.

Level 117 Answer | Count the number of hairs again

Drag the above hair.
You will find the actual hair.
There is a total of 3 hair.

Level 118 Answer | What’s the answer?

The answer is 14.

Level 119 | Today is Tyke’s two-year-old birthday just light up candles for him

Light the middle candle by using the matchstick.
Then tilt your phone 90 degrees to left to light the other candle.

Level 120 | Find the mother hen again

Zoom out the screen.
You will see the mother.
Then click on the mother.

Level 121 | Cross the bridge

Tap on the car to stop it and then again tap on it.
A boy will come out of the car and cross the bridge.

Level 122 | What’s your body temperature now?

Hold Tap on the bottom of the Thermometer.
The temperature will rise up to 96.8.
The answer is 96.8 F.

Level 123 | Mix red and blue together

Hold tap on the top of the buret and shake your phone.

Level 124 | Put the giraffe into the fridge!

Zoom out the fridge, and You will be able to put the giraffe in the fridge.

Level 125 | Turn off the light again

Tap on the bulb for 4-5 times.
Then the light will be turned off.

Level 126

“1” is used 140 times between the integers from 1 to 199.

Level 127 | The little bunny is hungry again!

Drag the heart from above and give it to the bunny (rabbit).
Bunny will become bigger in size.
Now, bunny can jump to the carrot.

Level 128 | There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If ET left how many letters are left?

The answer is 21.

Level 129 | Light up all the bulb

Drag the 3rd bulb and remove it out of the screen and tap on the red button.

Level 130

The answer is 6 hours.

Level 131 | Can you solve this?

The answer is 410.
5+3= (5-3)(5+3)= 28.
Similarly, 7+3= (7-3)(7+3)= 410

Level 132 | Help the baby get a haircut

First, turn on your device rotation.
Now, wave your mobile phone left to right gently.
Continue waving, the baby will sleep.

Level 133 | You’re so smart! Let’s cheers!

First, shake your phone.
Now tap on the cork.

Level 134 | Solve the problem

The answer is 20.
Because there is a difference in the total no. of grapes, in the 2nd equation, there are 12 grapes.
And in the last one, there are 11 grapes

Level 135 | Turn on the least switch to get water!

Tap on the green color valves.
They are a total of 2 valves.

Level 136 | Find the wolf in the sheep

Drag the piece of meat to the sheep’s mouth.
The sheep who change his mouth.
Drag them, you will find the wolf behind them.

Level 137 | Nap time is over! Wake baby up to feed some milk!

Change the time in the clock by rotating the minute hand till the baby wake up.
Now, give him a bottle of milk.

Level 138 | Make the paper windmill spin fast

Tap once on the fan and shake your device.

Level 139 | Find a heart

Combine both red shapes to make a heart.

Level 140 | Hey! What time is it now?

Write down the present time of your device.

Level 141 | Do not lift up the stone! It’s disgusting under it!

Use three fingers to lift the stone.

Level 142 | How many triangles are there?

The answer is 7.
Tap and drag the triangle, you will find another triangle.
Then count it.

Level 143 | Help the kitten fishing

Take the earthworm and put it on the fish hook.
Now catch the fish.

Level 144 | ZOZO wants to go skating with friends! Help him find another skate

Watch the below video.

Level 145 | Today is ZOZO’s 16th Birthday, help him find the gift!

The answer is 20030816.
First, open the yellow box with two fingers.
You will see a notification that the calendar date is yesterday so zozo’s birthday is on 16th.
And the password is his birth date and its the 16 years before.
So the password is 2003-08-16. (The date zozo born)

Level 146 | Help Mark escape from the secret room

Tap on the bulb 4 to 5 times to turn it off.
Now, click on the escape button rapidly.
But stop when the police come.
Then again tap the escape button.

Level 147 | Pigsy was captured by the monster save him!

Firstly, Shake the Monster.
You will see a crown.
Give it to the monkey.
Monkey will become Big Monkey King.
Now, Broke the leg of the chair and give it to the monkey king.
He will beat the monster and Pigsy will be free.

Level 148 | Find out all the items

Watch the video.

Level 149 | Picking fruit

Just pick the wood piece one by one and attach it to the tree.
Now, use the ropes one by one.

Level 150 | Make this equation true

First, rotate the no.9 to make a “6” then click on it.
Then click on 11 and 13 that will make 30.

Level 151 | Find the pingpong

Firstly, press the start button.
Now, play the game twice.
When 3rd game will start, the speed gets 10 times faster.
To slow down the speed.
Erase the “0” from 10 by rubbing it.
Again start the game.

Level 152 | Which one would you give up?

Tie both the ropes.
Just click on the end of the rope and attach them to each other to tie.

Level 153 | The Old lady has 7 sons and each son have a sister so how many children does the old lady have?

The answer is “8”.
Each sister has a brother so there is only one brother.

Level 154 | How to catch the thief?

At the bottom of the tree. There is a hidden shovel.
You have to drag that shovel and make a hole and hide it with the grass.
The thief will fall into the hole.

Level 155 | Save the egg

Hold the dumbbell with one finger and from other finger drag the egg.

Level 156 | Help dog to win

The White horse is faster then the black horse.
So, drag the dog to the white horse to make him the winner.

Level 157 | Make an ice cream

Firstly, move the machine left side with your fingers.
There, you will see the power plug and wire.
Drag the power plug to the machine wire.
Then drag cone, milk, and ice to the machine and your ice cream will be ready.

Level 158 | How many candles do I have left if 2 blew out

The answer is “2”.
Reason: All the candles are burning and if we blew 2 candles.
Then the remaining candles at the last are those two who blew out.

Level 159 | Protect the rocket and hold on 15 seconds

Drag the “protect word” from the question.
And put it on the rocket and hold tap on the rocket for 15 seconds.

Level 160 | Find the fly

Drag the specs from the eyes of the dog and put it to the girl’s eye.
Now, she can clearly see the fly.

Level 161

Hint:- Make a bundle of all the money and Collect all the money.

Level 162 | Catch all Birds

Hint:- To catch (capture) birds pull out the phone from the boy’s pocket and put it into the boy’s hand to capture all birds.

Level 163 | Charger it

Hint:- Connect your device to a charger to pass this level. You have to actually charge your phone.

Level 164 | Which two numbers can makeup into 8?


Click twice on the no. “0”.

Watch the below video to understand in a better way.

Level 165 | How can avoid the doggy eating the sausage?

Give the sausage to the boy before the dog eats it.

Level 166 | Knock out all the bowling pins

First, you have to zoom out the ball.
To make the ball bigger in size.

Level 167 | Find out the ping pong ball

Look at “Lv.167”.Here the dot after Lv.
It’s your ping pong ball.
So click on the (.) dot after Lv to pass this level.

Level 168 | How many triangles below

The answer is 14.
Because, there is total of 12 triangles but + and – sign are also in the triangle.
So, there is a total of 14 triangles.

Level 169 | No Smoking

First, drag his lighter from the pocket.
Then click on the cigarette 4-5 times.

Level 170 | Monkey can pick 2 pineapples per 1 minute, how many can he pick with 10 minutes on the tree?

The answer is zero.
Because the tree is not a pineapple tree.
So, don’t get trap in the question.

Level 171 | Bath The Cat

Hint:- Put the fish in the tub that is behind the chair

Level 172 | Find the Exit

Hint:- Create a circle on the exit word in the question

Level 173 | Squeeze the Milk

Answer:- Drag the bucket under the Black and White cow.

Level 174 | Fill The Bucket

Answer:- Put the bucket in the tub and then fill it with water.

Level 175 | Fill in the same number

Answer = 444 + 44 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 500

Level 176

Answer:- 3

Level 177 | Clear the monster

Answer:- Click on the blue one to increase its size and it will eat the monsters.

Level 178 | Disappear the cards

Hint: Slide your fingers left and right on the cards, Without lifting it cards will start to disappear.

Level 179 | Five in a Row. It’s your turn

Don’t wait for your turn.
Fill the five zero in the row continuously.

Level 180 | Help the chick out

You don’t need to unlock the cage.
There is a big gap between the cage rods on the right side of the chick.
The chick can come out from that gap.

Level 181 | Catch the doll

First, open the drawer on the right side and turn on the switch.
Now, put the coin into the machine.
Then use buttons to control the hook.
Take the hook above the teddy and hit the yellow button to grab the teddy.
And take it up to the yellow button.

Level 182 | Goal 3 times

Do the first two goals when the boy is far away from the ball to stop it.
Then for the 3rd goal, shoot the ball and goalkeeper will stop it.
Then you have to rapidly click on the coin until the bar is full of red color.
Then clicks on the ball to do the goal.

Level 183 | Choose the largest number

Click Left-right-left-left-right

Level 184 | Thirsty, May I have a glass of water

Use your two fingers.
One to pick the Jug and another to tilt the jug to fill the water in the glass.

Level 185 | Park the car

Don’t park the car in the blank space near the car.
Take the car to the right side and there, you will see a lot of parking space.
Park the car, there.

Level 186 | Enter Password

Zoom in with volume button. The password is 965

Level 187 | The little bunny is hungry

Use all the hearts to fill the empty space.
So the bunny can jump to the carrot

Level 188 | Win the game

Move word “YOU” from the small to the big guy.
And press PUNCH button

Level 189 | Find Chick

Tap word “CHICK” in the text

Level 190 | Grill the fish for the cat

Put the fish on the fire for 1 second. 
Then give it to the cat.

Level 191 | a=?

The answer is 10

Level 192 | Press 1000

Move button “TAP” .
Then button 1000 will show. Tap on it.

Level 193 | Park the car

Remove green car.
Use the arrows to park the car.

Level 194 | Light a candle

Zoom on the matchbox.
Take a match out.
Light the match and then light the candle

Level 195 | Subdue the monster

Zoom out to make the monster become small.
It will then fit in the pocket

Level 196 | Who is the smartest

The developer

Level 197 Make him laugh

Take off the left shoe.
Tickle his foot with the feather.

Level 198 | Open the safe

The key is behind the safe.
Take the key and slide it.
I will then open

Level 199 | What’s the answer?

The correct answer is 97.

Level 200 | Lucky spin

Just spin it. The gift box

Level 201 | Let’s RPS

Rotate the robot.
Tap the pick behind him.

Level 202 | Fill the glass

Light a match and light the candle.
Place the candle on the plate of water.
Place the glass on the plate over the candle.

Level 203 | Get the toy out from the bottle

Zoom out on the toy.
Turn your device upside down so the toy falls

Level 204 | Shout out I am handsome

Hit the start button.
when “I can’t hear you” appears.
Tap on ok.
Hit the start again

Level 205 | Beat the monster

Use rubber to erase the HP Bar.
You will then beat the monster.

Level 206 | Reach the End

Flip your phone.
Then tap the person.
After that Hold it until he reaches the finish line

Level 207 | Enter Password

Answer is ‘?’

Level 208 | DO NOT TAP

Don’t touch the screen for 15 seconds.

Level 209 | Get rid of Sadako

Tap the button to turn off the television

Level 210 | Shoot a basket

Turn your phone and let the basketball run to the hoop

Level 211 | Don’t hit the bulls eye

Block the arrow before it reaches the bullseye

Level 212 | Put feet on shoulder

Place word “Feet” on the word “Shoulder” in the text.

Level 213 | Improve eyesight

Take the cleaning cloth from the pocket and clean the glasses

Level 214 | Do Not Speak

Turn down the volume on your phone

Level 215 | Unlock the Pad

Place word password inside the input box.

Level 216 | How to distribute 3 apples to 6 people equally

Switch 6 with 3 in the text. Distribute 2 apples for each

Level 217 | Tilt the balance to the left

Move gorilla to the left

Level 218 | Find out 6 smile

Make the emojis mouth smile.
Tap the 6 smiling emojis

Level 219 | Collect Coins

Collect one coin from left.
Get them all.
Tap the bag 7 times and the last coin will fall.

level 220 | Find 5 stars

One star in the popcorn.
One on her head.
Tap 10 times and 3 more stars will appear

Level 221 | How to dodge the attack

Zoom and place him on top of the burrow.

Level 222 | Cross the end

Drag the car across the word “END” in the text.

Level 223 | Find the Chick


Zoom out and drag the hen on top of the eggs to hatch the chicks

level 224 | Help the boy win

Move the girl to the middle.

level 225 | Escape the room

Slide the curtain quickly and zoom in.
Type 9342 to escape


Unimagined Game Play

It is totally different from the other puzzle games. You will get unimagined puzzled that will be tricky and creative.

This game needs the real involvement of your brain and best for the testing of your brain IQ. Help you to build a strong IQ level.

Easy and Simple

The game is not tough but it is tricky gameplay. You need to apply and think in simple puzzles too.

But the game provides a very creative puzzle that is so humorous and attractive. It will keep your interest in the game and never let you bore.

Sound Effects

The sound effects of the brain out game apk are really funny and it will make your mind refresh so that you can think and solve the puzzle easily.

The game without a good sound effect is so boring and no one wants to play that type of game. That is why the game developer has taken of these sound effects in this game.

Unexpected Game Answers

The game puzzle will look so easy but the answer of the game will be unexpected. The game will play with you so don’t get in the trap. Use your mind and think beyond the limits and find some unexpected answers.


There are so many levels in the game so you can do the practice of those questions and make your brain strong and sharp. It is very good for students who want to improve their IQ levels and improve their thinking limits.

This is all about Brain out Game. Comment below for the all-level answer list.

Also Share, this article with your friends.

Thank you.

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