Brain Out Level 81 to 100 Answer | Gameplay Video Solutions

Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named as Brain Out – Can you pass it? Level solution. I will share its answer, hint, walkthrough, gameplay Video, etc.

brain out level answer

Gameplay Video

Level Answers 81 to 100

Level 81
Click on the bottom part of the juice glass and drag it to the girl Zoe.
Level 82
Drag the Red shape in the empty frame.
Also, Drag the blue one in the empty frame.
But drag the yellow one in the red shape frame.
Level 83
Drag the wooden table.
You will a different yellow flower.
Level 84
There are “9” holes in the pants.
Level 85
The answer is 1024.
Level 86 Answer | Catch the rat!
First Pick up the piece of the wood and fire it.
Then drag the wood to the end of the pipe.
Now block the second end of the pipe by hold
The rat will come out.
Watch the video for better understanding.
Level 87
Move the mouse and take the pointer to the next button.
Level 88
Hold the first blank space and drag it upside.
Now type 999 in all the other blank spaces.
So, the number will become -999 (negative).
Level 89
Click outside the colored boxes.

Level 90 | Mom is back! Help me hide gamepad!

Hold tap on the Gamepad and hide it.

Level 91 Answer | Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves

Pick the circle one from the left and another from the right side from the last line.
And adjust it in the same in the second line.
Now, pick the circle from the first line.
And adjust it to the last line. You are done.

Level 92 | Tap in the following order: 33,1,6,8,2,20,17,60,33

Follow the order given and in the last click on the given “33” in the question.

Level 93 | Help little girl eat the cake

Drag the girl to the right side stair.
Then remove the stair from her leg.
She will reach to the cake.

Level 94

The answer is 16.

Level 95 | You have to win this game again! It’s your turn now!

Drag one zero from the above line and one create yourself.

Level 96 Answer | How to eat the noodles?

First, put noodles into the bowl.
Then fill the water with the jug.
Now hold tap on the bowl for 4-5 seconds.
Noodles will be ready.

Level 97 | Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair

Drag the last match stick to the top.
And then Drag the left-hand side single stick to the right side bottom

Level 98 | If CDE=EFH then EFH = ?


Level 99 | Find the Panda

In the second line from the bottom.
Click on the 3 Panda from the last.
It has 2 ears.

Level 100 Answer | Help the bat fall asleep

Rotate your device upside-down.
The bat will go to sleep.
Don’t forget to turn on rotation.

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