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Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named Brain Out – Can you pass it? Level 61 to 80 solutions.

I will share its answer, hint, walkthrough, gameplay Video, etc.

brain out level answer

Gameplay Video | Level 61 solution

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Level Answers 61 to 80

Level 61 Answer | Find the number
On the right, there is 8 no digit click on it. Watch the video below.
Level 62 | What color is the most
White color is the most on the screen. So click on the white option.
Level 63 Answer | Find out the hexagon
Drag the yellow part and put it on the top of the orange part.
Level 64
The answer is “G”.
Level 65 Answer | Correct the equation
Erase the lower part of E and make it F. 
Spin the wheel like a normal human
Level 66
The answer is 9.
Level 67
There is a total of 11 chicks.
Check behind every chick, you will find another chick.
Don’t forget to check little chicks too.
Level 68
Rub on the shoulder of the girl with your finger.
Level 69
Just shake your phone and stars will come out.
Level 70
Make the equation 1-0=1.
Move the 1 away from 8.
And then drag the – sign from the 8 and make it zero.
Watch the video for a better understanding.
Level 71 Answer | Find the mother Hen
Scroll your screen from left to right to find the mom.
Level 72
The largest number on the screen are 7, 8 and 9.
And the addition of these numbers is 24.
The final answer is 24.
Level 73
Drag the question text and use it as a bridge and let the rabbit eat carrot.
Level 74
The password is 70773.
Because of the mirror reflection.
Level 75 | The little elephant is so lonely
Press on the elephant with your finger.
And you will see a copy button click on it.
That’s it.
Level 76 | Light up the 4th bulb
Press the start button and when 4th bulb light up.
Press the stop button.
Level 77
Add all the sides of the diagram and the answer will be “58”.
For eg= 10+10+15+15+4+4 = 58.
Level 78
Click on the other hand of the cat.
Her claw is similar to her own claw.
Don’t choose from the given options.
They are just to distract you.
Level 79
Click on 3, you will see another 3 on the previous 3.
Now rotate that 3 it will look like  8.
Level 80 Answer | Go to the exit
Take it from Outside of the maze.
Just watch the below video.


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