Brain Out Level 41 to 60 Answer | Can you solve this question?

Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named as Brain Out – Can you pass it? Level solution.

“Can you solve this question?  “, I will share its answer, hint, walkthrough, gameplay Video, etc.

brain out level answer

Gameplay Video | Level 41 solution


Install game

Level Answer 41 to 60

Level 41

1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1 = 39

Level 42 Answer | Find out the object

Watch the below video for the solution.

Level 43

Open the door her mom will make her awake.

Level 44

Simple If 1=5 then 5=1.

Level 45

Drag the no.1 glass out of the chart.
Then you will see that no.4 glass will be filled first.

Level 46

The old answer is 909.
Now the app is updated so the new answer is 965.

Level 47 Answer | Find something you can not eat

Remove chicken out of the nest.
Then click on the nest because you can’t eat the nest.

Level 48 Answer | Help Tom to get her notice

Drag the lady’s purse into the boy’s hand.

Level 49 Answer | Find the aliens

Just land the spaceship on the surface.
Aliens will automatically come out from the spaceship.

Level 50 Answer | Correct the direction

Rotate your phone to 90 degrees on your right side.

Level 51 Answer | How many French Fries below

Drag and move every french fries pack.
The other packs are hidden behind these packs.
There is a total of 10 packs.

Level 52

There is panda on the right side of yours.
Just click on that.

Level 53

Just erase the paint on the well with your finger.

Level 54

First, click on the orange box three times.
Then click on the green box three times it will turn into orange then wait for few seconds.
It will again turn into the green box then click on it two times.

Level 55

Rub the lamp on the table.
You will see three options below.
Don’t choose any of them.
Click on the red book behind the lamp on the right side.

Level 56

The circle has infinite sides.
The circle is the right answer

Level 57 Answer | Fill in the ?

Answer is 91
(2+3)*3=15, (3+4)*4=28, (4+5)*5=45, (5+6)*6=66 similarly (6+7)*7=13*7=91

Level 58

First, turn on the auto-rotation of your mobile phone.
Then hold tap on to the box then tilt your phone to 90 degrees of your right.

Level 59

Tap on the piggy’s nose to make him wake up.

Level 60

Tap 3-4 times on the dog.

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