Brain Out Level 21 to 40 Answer | Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Welcome, Today, I came with the new puzzle game named as Brain Out – Can you pass it? Level 21 solution.

“Help! Where’s my ring?”, I will share its answer, hint, walkthrough, gameplay Video, etc.

brain out level answer

Gameplay Video | Level 21 solution

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Level Answers 21 to 40

Level 21 Answer | Help! Where’s my ring?

First, tap on the food box to open it.
Now drag that box in front of dog.
After eating the food dog will poop and the ring will come out.
After that click on the ring, your level 21 will be cleared.

Level 22

The answer to this question is CD.
People like listening to CD.

Level 23 Answer | No Smoking

Tap 3-4 times on the red area (burning area) of cigarettes.
Smoke will disappear.

Level 24

First, put all 3 coins inside the piggy bank.
After that, break the piggy bank by tapping 3-4 times on it.
Now count the coins that is a total of  15.

Level 25 Answer | So hungry!

First, drag the house and then put the sun into the cloud thing inside the painting.
Now remove the smiling face from the sun.
Now the delicious poached egg is ready to eat.

Level 26

The answer is 1.
Because if you fold the circle 4 times and if you cut it single time then circle will be divided into 8 parts.

Level 27 | How many ants?

First, zoom out the stone by using 2 fingers.
Now count the ants and it is a total of 17 ants.

Level 28

The pattern is following the binary system.
Here the circle denotes “0” and triangle denotes “1”.
And 01001 binary code is 9.

Level 29 | Tap a butterfly above the texts

Drag the question texts under the butterfly.
Now click on the butterfly.

Level 30 | Please turn on the fan

Use your 2 fingers to connect the circuit.
Click on both naked wire at the same time with both fingers.

Level 31 Answer | Find 8 animals

First, you have to click on the cloud then rain will start.
Then an earthworm will come out.
Now click on every animal.

Level 32 | Help baby fall asleep

Turn on the screen rotation of your mobile phone and then flip your phone and rotate it.
Your level will be cleared.

Level 33

To clear this level, save both of them at the same time.
Click on both hands at the same time with your two fingers.

Level 34

Just drag the cloud then the sun will come out.
Sunshine will melt the ice and your road will be clear.
Now drive and clear the level.

Level 35 Answer | How to eat carrots?

Just drag carrot near the rabbit.

Level 36

You just need to zoom out the boat inside the river.

Level 37

Click Two times on 3 and one times on 6.3+3+6 = 12

Level 38 Answer | Put everything into the box

You have to put everything inside the box. Also, put question text

Level 39 Answer | Whack-A-Mole

Drag the mole outside the hole near the hammer.

Level 40 Answer | Rescue giraffe

Keep screen rotation on of your phone and tilt your phone upside to get the key from the bucket.
Now use that key to unlock the Giraffe.

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