How many Ducks? Brain Out Level 2 Answer | Brain Out 2 Solution

How many Ducks?

Level 2

How many Ducks?

brain out level 2 answer (1)

The level 2 answer is 9.

Brain Out Level 2 Answer

Here you have to find out the number of ducks. But if you see normally, then there are total 10 ducks, you will see. But they all are not ducks.

There is one chicken in the row. At last, if you notice, there is a chicken. You can identify him because the chicken mouth is small in size than the ducks. All the duck’s mouth size is big except the chicken.

So, the total number of ducks is 9.

All the brain out questions is so tricky. So be careful.

Brain Out Level 2 Answer/Solution | How many Ducks Brain Out | Hint | Walkthrough

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