Bath The Cat Brain Out Level 171 answer | Brain Out game solution

Hint:- Put the fish in the tub that is behind the chair

Brain Out Level 171 answer Explained

brain out level 171 answerbrain out level 171 solution

At this level, you have to wash the cat. You will see the cat, a tub, a hand wash, and a boy sitting on the chair. First put the hand wash into the tub, then put the cat into it.

but when you try to wash that cat, you will see the cat is not happy and she is getting angry. Also, there will be a red color angry meter of cat that will start increasing.

So, what you have to do here is? You have to make the cat happy.

You can see the chair there. Move the chair and you will see a fist there. You have to put the fish into the tub to make the cat happy. As we all know cat loves the fish. So, when you put the fish inside the water tub, The cat angry meter will start decreasing and you will clear this level.

Brain Out level 171 detailed solutions

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